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The 3 Best Rivers to Take Dad Fly Fishing near Denver

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As Father’s Day (June 18th, 2023) and summer fishing approach, a fishing trip with Dad may be the perfect gift to maximize quality time together and help Dad enjoy one of his favorite hobbies. What better way to surprise him and show him that you love him more than anything in the world than to invite him fishing, as well as choose a new, exciting river location.

The first practical consideration you must make as well as the most important before you plan this special trip is finding the perfect river and location. A beautiful spot with flawless seams and current flows is all you need to make the angler’s dream come true!

father and daughter fly fishing guests with a trout on in the fathers hand

Blue River

There are few Gold Medal sections that are as accessible and within easy driving distance from Denver as the Blue River. It’s not the biggest river section but that is exactly what makes it so charming. This river is home to some of the biggest trout you will ever see. You can probably land one of those river monsters in the tailwaters below the Dillon Reservoir all the way to Kremmling, Colorado.

The reservoir is about one mile from Silverthorne and a little over an hour from Denver, with other access points along this 34 mile stretch. The Williams Fork Mountains and the Gore Range surround these miles tree lined river landscape, and with some of these peaks reaching 13,000 feet, anglers will not be disappointed by the beauty of the mountainous landscape.

Man holding up large fish

South Platte River

If you are looking for the perfect forest and mountain scenery without bustling cars in sight the South Platte River is the right place for you. This river section is known as the “Dream Stream” due to its legendary fishing opportunities about 3 miles below Cheesman Dam and between Spinney and Eleven Mile Reservoirs.

This Gold Medal Fishing spot is about 2 hours from and holds 4000-7000 fish per mile with an abundance of brown and rainbow trout. Be aware that this is a catch and release site, so don’t expect to take any dinner home with you.

Man holding large fish

Clear Creek

Clear Creek begins near the Continental Divide and is one of the most iconic rivers for anyone that has stomped around the Front Range foothills. This river runs from Loveland through Idaho Springs all the way to Golden, Colorado. This river follows along I-70 through the thickets of old mining country.

The Clear Creek offers several access points, with Clear Creek Canyon, only a half hour from Denver being a favorite. Even with all the cars passing, no matter where you choose to fish along this vast river rarely will you ever come across another angler. The most common trout you will find here are rainbow, brown and cutthroat. There are also tons of new river paths being built making this more accessible by bike and foot than it used to be.

people fishing on river at dusk

These are some of the best rivers to take your dad Fly-Fishing near Denver, but there are plenty to choose from and it can be overwhelming to choose a spot. For this reason, consider taking Dad on a guided Fly-Fishing trip.  Our 4 Hour Upper Colorado Float, 2 Hour Walk and Wade, and Overnight trips afford plenty of opportunity to cast your line, learn proper technique, and spend quality time with Dad. Not only do you get much needed time away from city life and our cell phones, but when you fish with Dad, the stars tend to align and we all grow closer!

fly fishing guide with female quest holding a brown trout


Written by Melanie Hamilton, Contributing Member of the Sales and Marketing Team

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist


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