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5 Colorado Fly Fishing Instagram Accounts to Follow

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If you are new to the Colorado fly fishing scene like me, I recommend looking at some awesome Instagram pages for inspiration and to pick up some tips. This state is full of angling enthusiasts, and these Instagram accounts showcase top anglers and their tips. If you don’t already, be sure to follow @flyfishingcolorado to discover Colorado’s best-guided fly-fishing trips. Additionally, we suggest checking out the accounts of the following anglers for those looking for the best info when it comes to fly-fishing like the pros.

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The top angler page on my list must be the @mountainanglerflyshop. Located in the heart of the Rockies, they show their visitors all their best catches throughout the Summit County area. This is a great account to follow if you’re looking for guided services, a fly shop, or simply a great list of up-to-date discounts in the area. Not only do they offer a plethora of fishing information, but it is also a functional fly shop in the area if you’re in need of stocking up on some gear this season.flies and bait in box

Coming in second is another amazing angler account. I might be a little biased due to being a female myself, but @maddiebrenneman is truly an amazing person to witness in the act of angling. She knows about all there is to know when it comes to rivers from New Mexico up to Colorado. This is a great account for not only local fly-fishing information, but also travel information, and she frequently offers awesome discounts for many amazing products. Finally, if you’re looking for some helpful tips, she always has tons to provide for those looking for a bit of help when it comes to the sport.

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Another very popular account to investigate is @flylords. This account offers phenomenal tips, techniques, and many locations for amazing fly-fishing results. They post almost daily, offering tons of cool fly-fishing content to inspire your next river trip. This account also showcases many different locations and rivers, not just those in Colorado. My personal favorite thing about this account is that it is filled with amazing stories from awesome anglers all over the world.

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Last but certainly not least is the awesome account @elevenangling. This company showcases angling destinations from Colorado to amazing places like Iceland and even The Bahamas. This is another account that posts frequently, and it is safe to say their content never disappoints. If you are looking for some info on international guided tours, I highly recommend following this page.

All in all, Instagram is full of amazing angler accounts which post content nonstop for their viewers. If you ever need a bit of fly-fishing inspiration, check out these accounts, then join us on the water for an epic guided fly-fishing experience!

Written by Allison M., Contributing Member of the Sales and Marketing team

Edited by Rosa Canales, Marketing Specialist


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