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What Summer Water Temperatures Mean for Fly Fishing in Colorado

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Summer water temperatures are an important factor when conserving to cast out your reals for the next big catch. In water temperatures between 50° and 55°, you should find wet flies, streamers, and bucktails, as well as a spinner-and-fly, very effective for trout in ponds and lakes. At this temperature, trout are liable to range pretty well all over the pond or lake, but will not usually be feeding freely on the surface. 

When you are reaching temperatures of 67 degrees… temperatures of water are too high and the fish are too stressed, try to find colder water! The most important thing about fishing in Colorado Summers is following the climate changes that exist through the Rocky Mountains on a daily passing. Always checking to see what the weather could spontaneously change is what going to affect your window of opportunity for good fishing! 

Come fly fishing with us on the Colorado River in Kremmling, Colorado. Where you can Walk n Wade or go on a guided raft tour in which they know the best water temperature spots on the river! The rivers and creeks in the area are inhabited by Rainbow, Brown, Brooke, and Cutthroat trout, which thrive in this vibrant ecosystem. www.coloradorafting.net  Can’t wait to have you! 


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