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Why a Fly-Fishing Trip is a Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father and Son walking through a meadow during fishing trip

If your dad loves to fly fish, then he has probably spent plenty of time and money honing his skills and getting the right fly fishing equipment for himself. Honestly speaking, you probably wouldn’t be able to find gear for his setup that would fit him better than what he had in mind. Also, he has probably fished your local lakes and rivers before, with or without you. And if your dad is new to fly fishing, then it’s probably not worthwhile getting him the expensive gear he wouldn’t know what to do with. Besides, Father’s Day is about a dad’s relationship with his family, the people who make it possible for him to celebrate this day.

A Colorado fly-fishing trip gives that special dad in your life a chance to get out and explore new lands and waters with the people he loves. No matter how big the skills gap is between you and your dad, you’ll all have a good time with the help of your guide. If your dad is new to fly fishing, some guided trips include all the gear you’ll need. Some trip options include a half-day, full-day, or even multi-day overnights! The multi-day overnight trips offer awesome adventures and great bonding time. You’ll fish, raft, eat, and camp together along the Colorado River.

Father and son with guide

When you go on a fly-fishing trip, you’re not paying for a guide and transportation, you’re paying for an experience and the memories that come with it. If you no longer live at home, maybe you don’t even live in the same state as your dad, reserving a fly-fishing trip can be a great excuse to see him. What’s more, this is your chance to get photos and footage of your dad having the time of his life, maybe even bonding with his kids and grandkids.

If you’re looking for a downside to booking a fly-fishing trip, well there really isn’t one. All the gear you’ll need is provided, including food on full-day trips or longer. You’ll just have to show up and have fun. Perhaps the only downside is that catching a fish can never be guaranteed, if it is, that’s probably not a very authentic experience. However, a big part of fishing is the fact that fish are wild, and they have learned to be very cautious of their surroundings, this makes catching a fish much more rewarding. Not knowing when or if you’ll snag a fish is much more challenging and exciting than simply awaiting the arrival of a fish that is promised to you, if that’s even possible in the wild.


There’s really nothing like seeing someone who has it all get excited over your outing like a kid waiting for Christmas. Your dad will be telling all his fishing buddies, getting his favorite gear together, and probably go out and get a new fishing hat. And when your trip is over, you’ll have memories that will last the rest of your lives, much longer than a new rod.


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