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  • Location: Kremmling, CO
    Duration: Trip Time: 2 hrs
    Difficulty: No experience necessary
    Price: $249/person
    Gear: All gear, including up to 6 flies per person, will be provided


  • Location: Kremmling, CO
    Duration: Trip Time: 4 hrs
    Difficulty: No experience necessary
    Price: $499 per Person
    Gear: All gear, including up to 6 flies per person, will be provided


  • Location: Kremmling, CO
    Duration: Trip Time: 2 DAYS
    Difficulty: No experience necessary
    Price: $2099/person
    Gear: We will provide Flies, Waders, Rod, Reels, PFD, Camping Gear

Why Choose Fly Fishing Colorado?

1. Everything You’ll Need to Catch Fish and Have Fun is Included

When you arrive at our outpost we’ll get ya fitted with waders and boots then head on over to the van where your rod, flies, and experienced guide are waiting. Your guide will also man the rig while giving you pointers and tours of producing fishing holes

2. Our Guides Can Also Be Your Teachers

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned fly fisherman, our guides are guaranteed to have something to add to your toolkit. We’ll prepare you with a quick and thorough cast-and-catch clinic, or get straight to fishing if you’d prefer to skip that part.

3. We Do Our Homework

Our guides are hard at work before they get you to the river. They’re checking water levels, water temperatures, hatches, o2 levels, weather and much, much, more. Don’t believe us? Ask your guide on your next trip out.

4. We Are Committed To Excellence

Our guides are passionate about fly fishing and they are committed to sharing this passion with others. They also have the full support of an endearing sales team who’s mission is to work with our guests to help you have a flawless experience in the great Colorado Rockies

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  • Interested in joining us on the river? Guided trips with Fly Fishing Colorado are suitable for beginner and advanced anglers alike. Whether you need instruction starting from Step 1, or you’re looking to perfect your cast and learn more about the art of fly fishing, our experienced guides can lead you through the techniques required to conquer this sport.

  • Check the River Conditions

  • If you’re planning on heading out on the river, check up on the latest Colorado river conditions for updates on what’s biting, which flies we’re suggesting, how the river is flowing and more. Our river condition updates will guide you on packing your tackle box and preparing for a day on the water. Choose your river by clicking the button below.

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  • Get the latest on Colorado Fly Fishing, including fly fishing tips, what’s biting, the best locations for fly fishing, the gear we’re loving and more. The Angler’s Blog from Fly Fishing Colorado is your source of all things fly fishing, in both the Centennial state and beyond. Click to check up on the latest from Fly Fishing Colorado.

Our Fly Fishing History

Our parent company, AVA Rafting & Zipline was established in 1998 to share our passion for the great Colorado outdoors. Then in 2016, Fly Fishing Colorado was created with the purpose of educating beginner and experienced anglers alike and sharing our experience in the sport of fly fishing. Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our trip offerings, opened a fly fishing shop in our Kremmling, CO location with waders, boots, flies and much more.

Our trips are available on the Colorado River from May through the fall, typically finishing our season in September or October. Whether you’ve never even cast a line or you’re an experienced angler looking for a little more guidance, our fly fishing trips are a great way to learn the tips and tricks from the professionals.