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Eagle River Conditions

The Eagle River is a great place to fly fish all year around, but the conditions are always changing. The best way to ensure a successful fly fishing trip is to stay up to date on the current conditions of the Eagle River. This is your resource to learn more about current conditions on the Eagle River and where anglers are reporting success during their trips.


The Eagle River offers plenty of angling opportunities for Spring fishing. Anglers are finding success with large midge hatches. Anglers are using stoneflies, midges, eggs and worms to catch trout. Spring can be a time for spawning, so it is imperative that your are aware of spawning beds throughout the river to leave them undisturbed. Flows are above average from the snow filled winter that we had.

Current Conditions

UPDATED: 08/18/2021 


SUMMER DETAILS: Water temperatures are currently in the low 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Now is a great time to head out and try for some trout. An excellent hatch to look for is the Gray Drake, a spinner fly is also recommended

  • Spring

  • Fish are active and anglers are ready for the warmer weather. Spring is a great time to get out on the Eagle River for some large trout catches. Spring is an excellent time for dry fly fishing and some of the best access points are below Wolcott and above Edwards.

  • Summer

  • SUmmer is always great on the Eagle River but this summer is looking like it will be great through all of June, July and August. You can look forward to large caddis hatches as well as many others for a successful summer angling trip.

  • Fall

  • Early Fall on the Eagle River is known for having some of the best hatches. Fall is not only the best time for hatches but you won’t have to spend your mornings competing for space as the summer crowds start to dwindle. The most common fall hatches are midges, stoneflies, caddis, and mayflies.