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Best Flies for Fall Fly Fishing in Colorado

Fall is such an amazing time to get out on the river and enjoy the serene Colorado environment before all of the snow rolls in. The best way to have a successful fall fly fishing trip is to choose the right flies for the time of the year you are heading out.

Check out our top 3 fall flies to use in Colorado this year. 

Mini Leech: One of the favorite flies to use is the Mini Leech it is a very versatile fly that can be used in both high and low water fly fishing.

Throughout the day  the silhouette of the Mini Leech changes with both the movement of the sun and the changing depths of the river and fishing locations. The Mini Leech fly is able to give a full profile to the fish from all different angles which allows it to be a great imitation of leeches. The Ideal and most effective spot to fish with a Mini leech is behind a strainer especially at high water because the fish will go to that strainer for protection and not be concerned about what may lurk in the depths. The fish will want to eat the mini leech and it allows the fish to take the least amount of effort in catching its prey. Both the Black the the olive are great options to fish with in the fall it just depends on what the river biome looks like and what kind of fish you are looking to catch. 

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Tungsten Tube Midge: Another favorite fly is the Tungsten Tube Midge.

Fisherman have discovered that they catch the most fish using the black size 18 Tungsten Tube Midge. The cool thing about these midges is that when they get wet it looks as though it is encased in something clear.The best way to see this affect of the fly is to place the fly in your hand and sprinkle some water over the fly in your hand. This really allows you to see the ribbing segmentation and that clear bubble effect of the fly. Some of the biggest advantages of the Tungsten Tube Midge is how realistic the imitation is, how durable the fly is, and it is extremely versatile.

The Tungsten Tube Midge is made out of wire instead of thread which makes it extra durable. It is one of the most versatile flies out there because it is interchangeable throughout your day on the river and you can be almost guaranteed that whichever waterway whether that is still water or  moving there is going to bring black midges in the waters biome. Tungsten Tube Midges are found year round and generally hatch in either the early morning or late afternoon/early evening time slots. 

History of Fly FishingTails Up Trico: The final great fall fly we are going to dive into the the Tails Up Trico.

The ideal color and size to use for the Tails Up Trico is to use a size 20 in black. The Tails Up Trico is a fun and challenging fly fishing with since it is such a small food supply for the fish. The fish will become rather picky and selective which you should be sure to keep in mind. Most of the Tails Up Trico on the market will have a black body white wings with a crystal flash. Some fishing experts have recommended looking for a Tails Up Trico with clear wings since on some rivers the fish have become accustomed to seeing that white wing fly they may not bite. With clear wings the fly will better reflect the light which gives it a better imitation and will draw the fish in to wanting to take a bite. 

Fly FishingThere are may different fly options for your fall adventures, but these our the top three flies we recommend in Colorado. If you do not want to worry about choosing the right fly and want to get out and have fun, then join one of our guides on the river. 


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