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Colorado River Conditions

The Colorado River is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Colorado, and the best way to ensure a successful fly fishing trip is to stay up to date on the current conditions of the Colorado River. This is your resource to learn more about current conditions on the Colorado River and where anglers are reporting success during their trips.


The Upper Colorado River offers plenty of angling opportunities for Spring fishing. With warmer weather, anglers are comfortable but some sections of the river are slightly off color. Spring is a great time to fish the Williams Fork Tail-water. Anglers are finding success with stonefly pattern, egg pattern and worms. With the abundant of bug life currently from the warmer weather there are plenty of large brown and rainbow trout for anglers to catch.

Current Conditions

UPDATED: 04/25/2019 


SPRING DETAILS: Visibility is not great on the Upper Colorado currently, but there are some great tail-waters and eddies for angling right now. Water temps are in the 40- up to the mid 60s.

  • Spring

  • The Colorado River is a great river to fish all year around, but spring time brings hatches and more active trout, so we highly recommend getting out for great fly fishing.

  • Summer

  • Summer may be the best time to fish on the Colorado River but that is only if you do not mind some crowds. We reccommend getting up early and finding an eddie before others make it out there. Late June brings stoneflies and salmonflies, that excite the fish.

  • Fall

  • Fall is a great time to fish on the Upper Colorado River. Midge hatches start to pop up, and if you can get out at the right time you can have a very successful angling experience on the Colorado River in the fall.