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5 Tips for Chasing Trout in the Colorado High Country

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Colorado is full of pristine mountain streams, rivers, and lakes that are abundant with different trout species. In order to catch a trout, you are going to need to know the basics and where to go! Follow this guide to increase your chance of bagging that trophy trout!

1. Take a guided fishing trip. There are many outfitters around Colorado just waiting for your call to teach you how to fish. These guides are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to the best places to fish, the best bait, and the best angling experience possible. Head out to Kremmling for an all-inclusive experience. Waders, boots, rods, and bait are all provided. Your guide will have checked all water levels, O2 levels, water temperature, and weather by the time you even meet them. Whether you are brand new to fishing or an expert angler, a guide will teach you some new tricks. You can relax completely on a guided trip knowing that everything has been taken care of ahead of time. All you have to do is enjoy.

Three men on a fly fishing rig on the Colorado River during the summer

2. Try your hand at fly fishing. There is nothing wrong with fishing the good old-fashioned way, but once you try fly fishing, you’re going to open up a whole new world of angling that you never knew was possible! There are many benefits to choosing fly fishing. A trout that is hooked at the lip by a fly can easily and safely be released back into the water, which can sometimes be more difficult on a normal rod. A fly rod allows you to perfectly imitate many of the foods a trout would naturally eat, such as aquatic insects, minnows, and fish eggs. The unique casting techniques you use while fly fishing mimics a natural-looking swimming action of bugs that will make fly fishing much more productive than a traditional spinning rod. You can purchase beginner rods and reels at a great bargain or you can rent a fully functioning rod at many outposts around Colorado. 

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3. Pay attention to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fish stocking report to keep tabs on which reservoirs have recently been stocked with trout! Not only do your chances of hitting your limit of catchable-sized rainbow trout go up, but your chances of catching a monster trout also increase! Larger predator fish will come out of hiding to snack on recently stocked hatchery fish. This is a prime opportunity to cast larger lures that would typically intimidate smaller trout. Make sure to check the stocking report any time you get the itch to fish!

person in blue jacket holding fish with gloves during the winter

4. When it comes to fishing, timing is everything. Trout are most often found in cold, running streams and rivers, but can also be found in lakes. Due to their nature of loving the cold, trout tend to be more active during the early morning or late evening—especially in the heat of summer. Morning or evening times are when trout move into the shallow waters to feed, making them more accessible to anglers. Even though you can occasionally catch a trout during the heat of the day, midday is one of the worst times to have a line in the water. If you’re a night owl, you will benefit greatly due to species such as the brown trout being nocturnal and feeding aggressively after dark. 

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5. Invest in a fishing kayak. Kayak fishing has exploded in popularity in recent years—and for good reason. Not only do your chances of catching a trout increase, but you can fall in love with fishing all over again with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and an additional reason to get out and fish more often. Unlike fishing out of larger boats, there are no exhaust fumes or engine noise to disrupt nature, just the calming sound of your paddles pushing you through the water. The lightweight, portable design makes kayaks the perfect vessel to haul to Colorado’s small lakes and ponds.

Now that you have all of the best inside tips for great trout fishing, make sure you book a flight to Colorado and get on the water!


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