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Winter Telluride Fly Fishing

It’s winter, you are in Telluride enjoying some great skiing, and all of the sudden…BAM! You have that inclination to go fishing. But its winter so there is no fishing, right?? Think again because winter fly fishing in Telluride is one of the town’s best kept secrets. 

The San Miguel River is absolutely beautiful, it flows through Telluride, and is a very popular stop.  The San Miguel is a friendly river for trout and appeals to all fishing skill levels. The beginners can fish in the high-gradient pocket water, and the more experienced angler can reap the rewards of creative casts and drag-free presentations. During the winter months, you are going to want to pick a spot at a lower elevation. It is excellent from late February through April.  The preseason runoff is one of those best kept secrets. The San Miquel offers anglers their first freestone fly fishing of the season. The San Miguel has more than six species or stoneflies that hatch from February through September, plus a giant population of caddisflies. 

The Uncompahgre River is one the four best fly fishing rivers in Telluride. The Paco tailwater on the Uncompahgre is about an hour away from Telluride and offers a great walk-and-wade experience that is better than other year-round fisheries. This section of the river has some pretty large rainbow and brown trout, which is pretty surprising for such a shallow part of the river. 

The Gunnison River or “The Gunny” as the locals call it, is fishable all year round! During February and march why not take some runs on the slopes then head straight to the river?! This river is a gold medal fishery and has legendary trout that can reach two feet in length. 

The Dolores River is yet another fishing option and it can be found south of Telluride. The Upper Delores is near Lizard Head Pass and the Wilson Mountain Range.  The watershed here is fed by a dozen cutthroat and brook trout streams.  The Dolores is a high elevation

watershed and there are miles of public access above 9,000 feet. A big plus of this river is the copious amounts of hatches in the area. The Lower Dolores river begins below McPhee Reservoir, and is the most challenging sport for advanced anglers can test their skills and patience. The trout on the Lower Dolores grow to be quite large and are very nervous in clear water so playing the fish is a sensitive process. 

With all of these great Telluride rivers open during the winter to wet your whistle, you’ll be kept plenty busy turning the skis and casting the rod. While you’re our having a great time keep the spots you visit in mind so you can return in the spring and summer for more fly fishing! Once that warm weather fly fishing bug is implanted in your thoughts be sure to check out www.coloradorafting.net or www.flyfishingcolorado.net for your 2019 fly fishing adventure! 


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