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What Colorado Reservoirs Are Ready for Ice Fishing Now – January 2021

Ice Fishing in Colorado

Ready for some ice fishing but not sure where to go yet?  We’re still on the front end of our colder weather for the winter, but some popular early season fishing spots include Dillon Reservoir, Steamboat Lake, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Antero Reservoir, and Lake John.  There are several popular ice fishing spots that are just around the corner from developing good ice conditions.  In the following weeks anglers should keep an eye on Cherry Creek Reservoir, Green Mountain Reservoir, and Boyd Lake for new chances for ice fishing.  There are still bodies of water in southern Colorado that offer good late season open water fishing too. Notably, Lake Pueblo and Trinidad Reservoir are two good options for anglers searching for open water fishing. There are still rivers that provide the opportunity for the fly angler as well.  Anglers should check out stretches of the Arkansas, South Platte, and Animas Rivers.

So, how does one choose among the countless reservoirs in Colorado to ice fish?  Check out the following spots over the next few weeks!

Cherry Creek Reservoir

This location reaches max capacity almost every day, so make sure you check for parking availability before arriving.  Cherry Creek Reservoir is located just south of Denver in Aurora, Colorado at the Cherry Creek State Park.  The surface elevation is 5,551’ with a max depth of 46 feet.  As of the end of December 2020, the reservoir is almost completely capped with ice.  Take note that all parts are fishable right now.  On the west side of the reservoir the ice is between 5”-6”.  Fish that can be found here are largemouth bass, rainbow trout, wiper and massive walleyes!

Call the park staff at 303-690-1166 for the latest updates on fishing Cherry Creek Reservoir.

Lake John

Lake John is location in Walden, Colorado and is best known for its spectacular views and trout fishing.  The surface elevation of this lake is at 3,852 feet with an average depth of 5 – 10 feet.  The ice is around 8 inches throughout the lake.  Fish found at Lake John are brown trout, cutbow trout, cutthroat trout and rainbow trout.

Eleven Mile Reservoir

This stunning reservoir is found at the Eleven Mile State Park in Lake George, Colorado.  The surface elevation is at 8,602 feet, which makes for a wide range of depths to fish in.  This massive reservoir is one of the largest bodies of water found on the east side of the Continental Divide with absolutely stunning views.  The marina is said to be completely capped with ice as thick as 8”-12”.  Fish that can be found here are trout, northern pike, kokanee salmon, cutthroat, rainbow trout, and brown trout.  Please take note that Denver Water’s fishing regulations states that live minnows are strictly prohibited.

Click here to see the latest on park conditions before you go.

Ice Fishing in Colorado

Dillon Reservoir

Also owned by Denver Water, Dillon Reservoir is their largest water storage facility.  This reservoir’s more common name is Lake Dillon located in Summit County, Colorado near the towns of Frisco, Breckenridge, Silverthorne, and Dillon.  It is not completely covered in ice, but parts are still fishable throughout  The dams surface elevation is 9,017’ with a depth of 79 feet. The types of fish found here are rainbow trout, brown trout, arctic char, and kokanee Salmon.

Lake Trinidad

Many popular fishing tournaments are held at Lake Trinidad every year and it is loaded with trout. This beautiful lake can be found at Trinidad Lake State Park between Jansen and Cokedale, Colorado.  The surface elevation is at 6,200 feet with a depth of 250 feet.  Not all the lake is currently capped, and the conditions have fluctuated so fish with caution.  Types of fish here are rainbow and brown trout, walleye, bluegill, large and smallmouth bass, black crappie, yellow perch, saugeye, and wiper.

Jackson Gulch Reservoir

Jackson Gulch is located just north of Mancos at Mancos State Park.  The surface elevation of this reservoir is 7,800 feet.  It is currently completely capped with ice but be careful of areas that are dangerously thin as the thickness various throughout.  Fish that can be found at this location are rainbow trout, brown trout, and yellow perch.

Awaiting warmer weather to cast a line?  Call Fly Fishing Colorado!  Starting mid May, our guided fly fishing excursions on the Upper Colorado are the perfect way to get out on the water for the afternoon.


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