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Our Top Camping Tips


Are you planning on spending time this summer outdoors? Whether you are a pro when it comes to camping, or a newbie, there are plenty of tips that can be helpful when starting to plan your next outdoor adventure. It is always better to be prepared than unprepared once you are out there, so here are our top 5 camping tips to consider before going into the wild.

Stay Organized

It is always helpful when you are trying to get up and going and everything is in one spot, ready to go. A helpful little tip is to get some sort of container/box and keep all of your gear in one spot. Then you will always know where everything is and are less likely to forget something that is essential when camping out in Colorado!

Make A Plankayaks-pixabay

It’s important to plan ahead and know where you will be camping and what trails you will be on before embarking on your adventure. Planning some activities ahead of time will keep adults and kids alike entertained and happy. Choose a campsite depending on what you want to do – hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and even rafting. Make sure to pack for the activities you choose!

Pack The Right Gear

Obviously you need to make sure to pack the right gear and clothing for your overnight trip. A few must haves are a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, proper layers of clothing, headlamps and something along the lines of a Jetboil to make food and boil water. There are tons of additional items you can pack to have a successful camping trip so make sure to make a checklist!

Master a Mealbarbecue-pixabay

After a long day of being adventurous and active, your body will need to fuel up with delicious food. There is nothing more disappointing than having a great meal planned out and it turns out to be a disaster. Get creative and master a specific meal that you can be a pro at making in the backcountry. Keep in mind, most people are starving after a long day outdoors, so mostly anything will taste good!

Leave No Trace

Camp like a champ! Help keep these beautiful places people enjoy spending time at clean! If we all just clean up after ourselves, then everyone after us will be able to experience the beauty without being surrounded in others trash. Take it upon yourself to practice Leave No Trace!


Now that you are up to date with some helpful camping tips it is time to start planning your next trip! If you are in search of what to do in Colorado this summer on a camping trip make sure to check out Fly Fishing Colorado for some fun in the sun. Enjoy!


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