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When Spin Fishing is the Answer and the Best Places to Spin Fish in Colorado

Spin Fishing in Colorado

You’ve heard your fair share about fly fishing in Colorado, but what about spin fishing?  Does it even exist around here?  Why do people choose fly fishing over spin?  We’ll start with the basics of this type of angling and build up from there.

What is spin fishing?

Spin fishing is a method of fishing in which a spinning lure is used to get the fish to bite. Spin fishing is used in both freshwater and marine environments. Spin fishing is distinguished between fly fishing and bait cast fishing by the type of rod and reel used. There are two types of reels used when spin fishing, the open-faced reel and the closed faced reel. The spin fishing rod has no trigger attached to the base of the fishing rod. This is what differentiates the spin fishing rod from the bait casting fishing rod.

When Should I Spin Fish?

In the Spring

Spinning gear with artificial lures will generally work best after snow melt has occurred and as water temperatures warm in early to late April. Fishing the warmest part of the day should increase your catch rates in the early season due to warmer stream temperatures, which will make the trout more active. The bigger trout will also be on the feedback after snowmelt has occurred as water temperatures continue rise. Some of the biggest fish of the season can be caught on spinning gear in mid to late April if the conditions are right. A light weight rod with 6-8-pound line will work well.

In the Fall

Spinning gear can also be very effective after a warm rain fall event when the water is a little muddy because trout can readily see the spinner blade in the water compared to other types of lures. Any spinners with a silver or gold blade seems to work best especially if the water is disturbed. Any top floating lure that imitates a minnow in a silver, black or brown color seem to work best and will best imitate many of our common stream forage species such as Brown or Rainbow Trout.

Best Places to Spin Fish in Colorado

The best places to spin fish in Colorado are going to be the same places that one may find the best fly fishing, so any gold rated waters.


Not to worry, these are plentiful in the great fishing state of Colorado. A primary destination for many fishermen is the Colorado River due to its stock, size, and calmness. Varying sections of the Arkansas River also offer some excellent fishing, from Buena Vista all the way down to Cañon City. This river is excellent to wade and fish in and offers excellent spin fishing later in the season once the water has warmed up.


Lake fishing is another great option for spinners. Rainbow Lake, near Frisco, is a good option due to its convenience for many people and easy access. Something a bit further would be Twin Lakes which each offer some of the best fishing and camping around. Later in the season when the water in the lakes is warmer is the perfect time to spin fish these lakes, and will give you the best opportunity to catch a monster.

Not keen on spin fishing?  Call Fly Fishing Colorado! We can get you out on the Colorado River in one of our fishing rigs and you’ll be fly casting all morning long.


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