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Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips for the Colorado Early Risers

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is boats-canoe-clouds-831545.jpg Trout fishing. Seems that just about everyone in Colorado LOVES it! Getting out on the water and being able to catch some elusive fish is the best feeling. For those that are just beginning in the sport you might not know when the best time to go fishing is or even the right season. Well here are some tips for catching those rainbow trout during those early spring mornings.

Changing of the Seasons

Once mother nature finally warms up a bit, it will be time to start fishing. Now the water is not going to be the best at this time, but it sure is fishable. It is not going to be warm by any means, the great conditions are still a few months out, and the chances of finding hatching insects this early in the season is extremely rare.


With the water being much colder in the spring than summer the trout tend to be more lethargic and while they will feed, they will not be as lively as they are in the summer. They will most likely be found in deeper crevices’ just hanging out since there hasn’t been too much activity going on during the winter months. Also, during this time, it’s the beginning of the snowmelt and most of the smaller water ways are going to be at their highest levels. These high water levels could possibly be just as cold as it has been in the winter months and with that, it can make it harder to find the trout if you are not local and know the area.

Spring Awakening

Given their state of being lethargic, they will remain on the bottom and you will have to entice them with bigger bait, move the bait slowly near the fish. For those deeper areas, most trout will remain on the tried and true areas that always stay deep and slow. So, when it’s time to go deep they will always head to those areas.

Wait, What’s the Right Bait?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fishhook-4068577_1920.jpg For baiting these trout, using natural bait is going to be the easiest option during April conditions. Here are few more things that might improve your odds for catching fish. You must take into consideration the type of water you plan to fish, during this time stocking season is happening and hatchery waters are an option. With these fishing spots, pellet styles are effective as well as cheeses baits and corn. Rainbow trout do depend on their sight for much of their feeding so movement makes the bait look tasty.

Cast a Line

So with these tips and helpful hints why not get out there and start that pre-season fishing and get some practice in. For those that are going to wait for the weather to warm up a bit more check out www.coloradorafting.net or www.flyfishingcolorado.net and check out the two trip options for fly-fishing either a quicker 2-hour wade fishing trip or for a longer day there is the 4-hour float trip down the Colorado river. Both trips are great for both beginner and experienced anglers.

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