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It’s Not Too Late to Learn How to Fly Fish on the Upper Colorado River

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As we age, there is an innate desire to reconnect with nature and find a way to unwind from the daily stresses of life. Picking up a new hobby like fly fishing on the Colorado River can surely put you at ease. Reaching from the mountains near Granby, Colorado, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, the Colorado River gives anglers plenty of water to find their “honey pot” for fishing. Throughout this blog we will help get you excited about landing your first fish on the fly, what flies make the fish bite on the Upper Colorado River, what fly fishing equipment you need, and some of the best ways to learn to fly fish on the Upper Colorado River.

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Getting Excited About Your First Fish on the Fly

When you have a large trout on a fly fishing rod, you are able to feel the power of the fish, creating an epic duel where you are fighting the fish with the current and unseen obstacles in the water. The hooks are relatively small in comparison to some of the 14-inch trout that you wrangle in by yourself or with a partner, as it does take some coordination in bagging your catch. It is common courtesy to release your catch so the next angler can enjoy a similar duel on the river. Many jurisdictions have regulations against keeping any fish.

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Fall Flies, Hatches, and Expertise

According to the most recent report published by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the fish are taking to nymphing rigs, stonefly imitation, and streamers. So visit your local fly fishing outfitter and get your rig ready with these flies in mind. 

What’s even more exciting for beginner fly fisherman right now is that fall hatches for many insects are in full swing, meaning plenty of bugs for fish to feast on. Many of the fish in the Upper Colorado River are actively filling their bellies in preparation for winter. Brown trout are especially vulnerable to fly fishing right now as they prepare for their fall spawning season. 

Experienced guides, either wading or floating on the Upper Colorado River, unveil secrets like where the fish like to go to find structures to protect them from predators and what kind of flies they take most often. Going on a guided fly fishing trip could be the fastest way to learn to read the water and the fish who live there.

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Fly Fishing Equipment for Beginners

Equipment is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring that you have a great time fishing on the Colorado River. Here is a short list of the essentials.

Sun Protection: Hats, long sleeves, sunscreen.
Fishing: Net, rod and reel, Orvis line, waders, fly box, different sizes of flies, fishing license (digital or physical).
Necessities: Water, snacks, phone or map, change of clothes, backpack or bag.


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