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Our Top Picks for Fall Fly Fishing Gear in Colorado

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Fly fishing in Colorado is extremely popular. The wide range in fishing opportunities means fly fishermen must learn to utilize new skills with each river, creek, lake or reservoir they’re fishing in. This is a challenge experienced anglers have grown to love. As opposed to spin fishing, which is the most common type of fishing method, fly fishing uses a lightweight casting system with the use of “flies” instead of lures or bait. The essential equipment needed to fly fish year-round includes a rod, reel, and flies. We’ll be going over our recommendations for fall fly fishing gear in Colorado beyond the essentials. 

Fall Fly Fishing Rods 

orvis fly rod and reel

Searching for a rod and reel will depend most greatly on the weight and what you’re comfortable with. Since you’ll use your wrist for repeated castings, you’ll want to make sure that your wrists and arms can accommodate the weight of your fly fishing outfit. If you’re looking to chase trout fly fishing near Denver or the greater Colorado, the most popular opinion is that an 8- or 9-foot 5wt rod is the way to go. This is a great option for beginners and experienced anglers alike

Waders and Boots 

fishing waders in water

While waders are not necessarily required, they provide extra safety and comfort that makes fly fishing much more enjoyable. Waders also allow you to use the length of the river when casting, helping you avoid tangling in the nearby trees and brush. In the fall, you’ll want to make sure your waders are made of a strong insulated material that can withstand the elements, keep you dry, and ultimately make sure you are focused on the fish and not the cold. A few brands we like to use include Patagonia, Orvis and Simms. Check with your local fly fishing shops in Colorado for their recommended waders and boots.

Fall Fly Selection 

fly fishing flies in a box

You’ll always want to have a vast array of flies to be able to call upon when fly fishing. There are less hatches happening in the fall as most hatches will end by October 1st, so a good arsenal of fall flies can give you the best odds of having something the fish will find appealing. One popular fall fly in Colorado is the Mini Leech which is good in both low and high water. They’re popular because the fish can see the whole profile from the water. The next good bet would be a Tungsten Tube Midge size 18. It’s very versatile, built strong with realistic imitations. For something a little more advanced, a Tails Up Trico is a nice challenge since it’s smaller and takes some skill to achieve a natural presentation.  

Fly fishing near Denver or in the Colorado mountains is a great way to immerse yourself in nature and trust on your skills and instincts to harken back to those days as children where almost anything can be an adventure. Still new to fly fishing in Colorado? A guided fly fishing tour is the best way to get your flies wet and grow your skillset exponentially in a matter of hours.


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