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Ice Fishing in Colorado

Ice Fishing in Colorado

When most people think of ice fishing, the first thing that comes to mind is sitting on a frozen lake on a cloudy day. Out here in Colorado we have about 300 days of sunshine! That means most winters are filled of blue bird days without a cloud in the sky. With an abundance of various fish in the lakes, you are definitely in for a treat when putting your pole in the water. These tips will get you onto the big fish in the lake that swimming below all of the ice. Heading out in the morning, you are going to want to pack for the full day. While packing gear and knowing exactly where to go can be difficult, here are some tips to get you prepped for a great day of ice fishing.

Gear is going to be one of the most important materials while fishing on those cold winter days. Get out your heavy wool socks and long johns to put under your waders to keep your legs warm. Glove are a must, since you will be reeling in fish and pulling them out of the frozen water under the ice. When the lake is safe enough to head to the deepest part, everyone packs their sleds up for the day. An Auger is something you can’t go without.  This drilling device has a rotating blade to get you down to the water and access those monster fish. Bringing some wood and a fire starter is definitely not a bad idea.  What type of bait you use is essential when ice fishing. While live bait can be useful, please remember to never put your live bait in the water to “keep them alive” – this is how invasive species get into our lakes. Lures are really good to use in deep water, imitation little fish will coax the bigger fish to surface.

As to where you should go, there are plenty of great spots in Colorado! Located right off of I-70 West of the Denver area, you have Georgetown. This little mountain spot doesn’t have much action, but on Georgetown Lake you can fish all year-round: rain or snow. With the lake being 55 acres, you have an abundance of fishing with wild browns and stocked rainbow trout throughout the year. Granby is another town located near Georgetown with great ice fishing.  Lake Granby is a 7,250-acre lake, and trout can be caught that are at least 32-inches long. Every winter, thousands of anglers flock to Lake Granby to get hook up with a big boy. Heading south a few hours, you have Eleven Mile.  This 3,400-acre reservoir is between Wilkerson pass and the little town of Harstel. Kokanee salmon, brown trout and native cutthroat are to be found in this lake, ranging in measurement from 14-20 inches long.

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