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How to Pick a Summer Fly Fishing Outfit for the Colorado River

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Colorado summers provide for some of the finest flyfishing adventures throughout the contiguous United States beginning in the heart of Colorado which is home to some of the largest headwaters in the country. This blog will provide some insights on what to bring with you for a fly fishing outfit during the Summer on the Colorado River, near Kremmling, Colorado.

Colorado fishing license

Fishing License

Before packing up for the day, ensure that you have a valid State Fishing License especially if you are going off the grid bring a physical copy with you to put into something that would be waterproof or you can have a digital copy on your phone.

fly fishing sun protection

Sun Coverage

With the altitude of the Kremmling area nearly one and a half miles above sea level, being prepared for the Summer heat is crucial to enjoying the weather. Bring a ball cap or a wide-brimmed hat that will protect your face and neck. Other important things to bring are your favorite sunscreen as you can get sunburned even if it is fifty degrees Fahrenheit and sunglasses as the water may reflect the light underneath your headwear.

fly fishing gear

Fishing Gear

Have multiple flies available at your disposal as they may get lost due to the ferocious strike of the Cutbow and Brown trout in the Colorado River. Choosing different variations of flies will help you see what is catching the minds of the trout that call the Upper Colorado River home. Bring yourself some extra line for line breakage or snags along the stretch or river. It is also crucial to stay hydrated while enjoying the day on the river, when in a heightened state of relaxation we may forget how long we have been out enjoying the river.

clothes for fly fishing


Being prepared for fishing in Colorado should be comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Wearing synthetic materials and specialized fishing clothing, and waders. The specialized clothing will help wick away any moisture building up while keeping you cool during the heat of the day. Always be prepared for the ever-changing weather patterns of Colorado, a prime example of this would be that on May 19th Dever reached near ninety degrees and the following day received a few inches of snow. Bring yourself layers to keep warm as the temperatures may change rapidly, it is always a safe bet to have long sleeve shirts or jackets to protect you from the elements and the biting insects, such as mosquitos The waders are important and allow you to go in the water keeping you insulated as you wade through the chilly Colorado River while keeping your footing on the river bed as some boulders may be a little slick.

Having the perfect outfit for fly fishing can provide some challenges, so before packing for fly fishing in Colorado outdoors take a few steps such as making sure that you have your fishing license, plenty of sun coverage, fishing gear, and clothing. Try booking a trip through Arkansas Valley Adventures at flyfishingcolorado.net or by calling 970-423-7036.


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