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How to Choose the Best River for Fly Fishing in Colorado

women fly fishing the arkansas river

If you’re an avid fly fisherman and you’re looking for some of the best rivers to fly fish in Colorado, you’ve come to the right place. Colorado is a beautiful and vast state with many different rivers to choose from when it comes to fly fishing. With a variety of options to choose from, it’s safe to say there is an abundance of fun options that will be suited for any fisherman’s taste. Below, I’ve put together a list of some of my personal favorite rivers to fly fish in Colorado..  

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The Upper Colorado River 

If you happen to find yourself in Kremmling, you definitely should take a stop by the Colorado River. This river is a total of 1,450 miles long and goes through seven different U.S. states as well as two different Mexican states. The most popular fish people catch at this location are either brown or rainbow trout. Not only does this awesome riverside town offer beautiful and fulfilling fly fishing spots, it also offers plenty of guided tours for your group if you’re new to fly fishing, or if you just want a little help discovering a new area.  

fly fishing the arkansas river

Photo Courtesy of Colorado Trout Unlimited

The Arkansas River 

Like the Colorado River, this is another very long one. This river is a total of 1,469 miles and starts in Leadville, Colorado, and ends in Arkansas. Also like the Colorado River, here you’ll see lots of brown and rainbow trout. The most popular towns to fly fish the Arkansas River in are going to be Buena Vista and Salida. Not only does this river offer gorgeous views, but there’s also plenty of non crowded places to get out on the river with your group of buddies. This is another river I highly recommend to anyone looking for an awesome trip. You’ll also find tons of places to rent gear or book guided tours if that is something that interests you.  

fly fishing the blue river

Photo Courtesy of Pat Dorsey Fly Fishing

The Blue River 

The Blue River is on the smaller end and is only about 65 miles long. Located in the town of Blue River near Breckenridge, this is an extremely popular place for avid anglers. Most anglers have stated that afternoon and evening conditions are amazing for dry fly patterns. Like the previous rivers, you’ll see mostly brown trout here, with a handful of cut-bows as well as a few rainbow. If you’re looking for a smaller town with more low-key vibes, I highly suggest checking out Blue River. This is a great option for families or those like myself who just don’t care to be around that many people.  


All in all, Colorado is an amazing state for avid anglers to get some awesome fly fishing in. These are just a few of the many gorgeous and unique rivers that are located in this state. If none of these seem to strike your fancy, I can assure you that you will find something somewhere in Colorado that is just perfect for you and your fly fishing group. Be sure to do some research yourself and consider a guided fly fishing trip to learn more about fly fishing in Colorado. It’s sure to be a trip you’ll never forget!  


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