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Fly Fishing Terms

fly fishing guide wading with guest
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Fly fishing, like any other outdoor sport, seems to have its own language of sorts. If you are a newcomer to fly fishing and hoping to blend in with the pros, learning the lingo is an important step. Here are some of the most important fly fishing terms you need to know.

Arbor: The center part of a fly reel where first backing and then line is wound

Break off: That heartbreaking moment when a large fish snaps the line.

Let it marinate: To keep your fly in the water and allow it to float with the current.

Dope-on-a-rope: A fellow fisherman who drops an anchor on a good spot, keeping other fishermen from being able to use it.

Swamp donkey: A moose that tends to get in the way of your desired fishing spot.



Locked Down: Drag tightened as far as possible.

Grump: a large old fish of any species that is usually pretty beat up.

Chewed: Getting bit, sometimes leading to a catch!

Dry Fly: Any fly fished upon the surface of the water, usually constructed of non-water-absorbent materials.

Wet Fly: Any fly fished below the surface of the water; nymphs and streamers are wet flies.


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