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Fly Fishing Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Fly fishingfly fishing mistakes has, in recent years, become one of Colorado’s favorite pastimes. If you’ve made a couple casts before, then you know there is a very particular techniques to be successful. Whether you are looking for beginner information or an old pro, reading up on some of the most common fly fishing mistakes can be very helpful. Before you string up your fly and hit the Colorado waters, check out some of the most common fly fishing mistakes and how to fix them.

To start off, one of the most common casting mistakes is called “cracking the whip”. Cracking the whip happens when the caster does not wait for the line to fully extend before beginning the forward stroke, causing the line to crack like a whip as the rod is drawn forward. The correct way to get a good back cast is to pause during the back cast and allow the line time to unroll behind the before beginning the forward stroke. Having a good back cast greatly reduces overall chances of losing that expensive fly you just purchased or made.

A vital part of a good fly cast also lies within the wrist movement. Fishers without good wrist form will be seen casting their rods while breaking at the wrist. Breaking at the wrist will cause the rod tip to point down towards the ground, guiding the line down with it. To remedy this, stiffen up your wrist, keep it straight so that the rod tip will be pointing upwards (but bend a little). Doing so will allow the line to unravel like it should!

fly fishing mistakesExcessive false casts are also a common fly fishing mistake to take note of. Excessive false casts are not only unnecessary, doing so also runs the risk of having a bad cast or even a tangled line. Aside from beginning and ending the cast with a proper pick up and lay down, pay attention to the correct timing and technique in between and use a maximum of three false casts before laying your fly down. Use a smooth controlled motion with no excessive force for a good forward stroke.

Practicing your form to avoid these fly fishing mistakes on the river will allow you to catch more fish in the long run and lose less flies! If you would like more information on fly fishing techniques or are interested in a guided trip or casting lesson, give Fly Fishing Colorado a call at 970-423-7036.


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