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The Fly Fishing Gear We’re Using

Who wants to get down fly fishing all day and end up with soggy wet socks, wet pants and a sunburnt face? Gear is one of the most important parts of fly fishing. Without the right gear you aren’t going to have a fun day on the river. Take a few tips from the pros about what gear to use and where to find these for the cheapest deals. Here is the fly fishing gear we’re currently using.


One of the most important pieces of gear for fly fishing is going to be your waders. Waders will keep you warm while fishing in the middle of winter and early spring and late fall. Patagonia has some of the best made waders out there for men and women; comfortable, breathable and of course waterproof. Wading booties are made from standard polyester microfiber shell with a waterproof/breathable barrier and durable water repellent, finished with taped seams. With these waders, the flat panel guards drain water faster and are more resistant to abrasion.


Another very important item associated with fly fishing is footwear! Appropriate footwear is a must while walking through rocky river beds with unexpected holes. There are 2 different types of wading boots that are appropriate for the river. Some states have actually banned certain types of fly fishing boots. Felt boots have been banned in Alaska, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Rhode Island, and South Dakota. The suspicion for the ban of felt boots is that invasive species can get lodged in the felt sole of your wading boot and hitch a ride from one waterway to another. If you plan to fish water with invasive species problems, just choose rubber-soled boots. Felt boots do offer the best grip on wet, slippery rocks. These boots are the best for flat rocks covered with slick slime, though, felt wading boots usually win out when it comes to traction in the water. Rubber soled wading boots have come a long way over the last few years, they aren’t as good as felt in most streams. Rubber-soled boots have a much stronger grip on the banks and trails around rivers and streams.

fly fishing womanSun Protection

Light cotton clothes are the best for fly fishing on a hot summer day here in the Rocky Mountains. With the high elevation, you are more likely to get burnt. Choosing clothing that has been designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) will give you a greater control of your overall level of UV exposure.  Also, with these UPF clothing protections they are quick-drying! So while wading up to your belly button in water, it won’t be a problem when you come out because you will be dry within minutes.

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