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Fly Fishing in Breckenridge

Everyone knows Breckenridge as a ski town destination, but did you know it has world class fly fishing rivers and lakes? Start your morning with a short trip from your front door to the river here in Breckenridge within minutes. With the Blue River running through the town, you have miles of rivers to choose from with a short distance in between. Near Breckenridge we also have a few lakes that have amazing size trouts with beautiful colors on them. Take these few tips to get out on the water for the day.

Blue River: The Blue River is a designated Gold Medal by the state, meaning people come from all over to fish this river that runs through the town to get beautiful fish. The Blue River starts out in the town called Blue River hence the name of the river. This river stretches for about sixty five miles along the Ten mile range and the Gore Range. A couple of neat spots to fish along the Blue in town is right behind the Recreation center “The Steps”, this hole offers little Brookies and chunky Rainbows. The Colorado Mountain College lies right behind a huge yeti that backs up right to private property that cannot be fished in Colorado. These holes are best to get to early morning or late afternoon the fish like shade and cooler water.

Breckenridge Fly Fishing

Courtesy Liam Doran

Lake Dillon: On your way into Breckenridge, beautiful Lake Dillon is located in the heart in Summit County with the Blue River being the main water source for the lake. This lake has 26.8 miles of shoreline that drops down to 79 feet deep. Along this lake there are sweet spots where you can pull off where the river runs in and fish those sections. This lake is stocked with Rainbow trout, but also home to the brown trout, kokanee salmon, and arctic char. This lake is great to get the kayak out for the day and head to one of the little island closer to Frisco, and fish and grill out for the day.

Swan River: Located at the entrance of Breckenridge on Tiger Road near the famous 27 hole Breckenridge Golf Course, Swan River is my final suggestion for fly fishing in Breckenridge. With this location, you are going to be surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains in each direction. While this river doesn’t have as big as fish as the local rivers and lakes, the fish are smart here and are a challenge to catch.

These fishing spots are going to be nearest to Breckenridge less than 5 miles from downtown Main Street. Make sure to pack your sunscreen. Since we are at an elevation of 9,600′, you can get very sunburnt since we are closer to the sun. The reflection of the water will burn you also if you don’t have the correct protection covering your body. Take these key fishing spot in Breckenridge and get out on the river with some buddies and enjoy the nice snow runoff. To book a trip to get some more secret spots from our professional guides please contact us at Fly Fishing Colorado for more details.


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