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Floating vs. Sinking Fly Lines and What You Should be Using in Colorado this August

Alpine Lake Fishing in Colorado

August is just around the corner and so is some great fishing in Colorado.  Fly fishing can be quite intricate for those with minimal experience, so to better understand all aspects of what the perfect line would be to use and the difference between, here are some pointers.

Tapers, colors, and weight will all play part in your fishing experience. There are many variables that lead to enhancing your fishing experience. In August, the weather is a bit warmer than if you were fishing in different times of the year.

What’s the deal with floating lines?

Floating lines are special for a very simple reason: they float.  They’re prime for fishing on those hot August days when the fish hang out near the surface of the water. Floating lines allow for a double taper or weight forward and a range of different fishing such as nymphs, streamers, and dry flies. If you are looking to get your feet wet, this may be just the line for you. Especially with a weight forward, it will cover all the bases to ensure you are getting the best beginning fly fishing experience.


On the flip side, here’s the low down on a sinking line.

Let us go a little deeper using a sinking line. Sinking lines obviously differ from floating lines by the fact they sink. Sinking lines are typically used in alpine lake fishing, a perfect tool to use when you’ve determined the exact depth in which the fish are feeding at. Typically, useful for a more skilled fisherman. Depending on the bells and whistles attached to your line there are many different rates these lines will sink at.

The sink-tip line is a game changer, offering a one-two punch of a sinking line for the first portion of the line, that ultimately will float on the surface towards the tip of the line. Casting is a bit easier for some with these great river lines.

Get on a guided fly fishing trip

There are guided fishing floats offered through a multitude of companies, where you can go out with an experienced fly fisherman to walk you through all the nooks and crannies of this beautiful past time. This August, make a trip out and fall in love with the sport of angling that will keep you coming back for years to come. Whether you never ever have tried or whether it is your 100th time, a guided tour can be extremely beneficial for knowledge and gear purposes.

Call Fly Fishing Colorado today to set up your guided tour on the Colorado River!


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