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Why You Should Fish at Rampart Reservoir in Colorado this Year

If fishing is your hobby, Rampart Reservoir should be on your destinations list this summer. Rampart Reservoir is a special place to fish due to its simplicity.  About twenty miles northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado, this 500 acre body of water isn’t far from the front range, but it is difficult to reach by camper or RV due to the roughly maintained access road. No motorized boats allowed in the reservoir, but Rampart is a hot sport for campers with an on-site campground and a nearby RV park for a cheap day rate.  The reservoir is secluded with no restaurants or stores, so be sure to come prepared.

Rampart Reservoir Recreation Area - Visit Castle Rock Colorado

Rampart Reservoir | Image Courtesy of Visit Castle Rock

Rampart Reservoir Fish

Three main species of fish including rainbow trout, brown trout, and lake trout, all call Rampart home.  For a trout fisher, this reservoir is perfect.

Rainbow Trout

A rainbow trout is known for its tasty pink colored flesh. It feeds on small insects, minnows, crustaceans and worms. Other baits such as flies and lures work well to catch this fish as well. Interestingly, rainbow trout live in streams and creeks until it is approximately six to nine inches long.  At that point, the trout migrates to a lake or ocean where it can grow to lengths of up to sixteen inches long.  The trout spends some time growing, then eventually returns to the stream to live.

Brown Trout

Brown trout compare to the rainbow trout in size but are a little more difficult to catch. Brown trout like to hide under rock shelves, brushes, low overhanging trees, and anywhere with a vast amount of coverage. This trout is smart, and the bigger it gets the more often it feeds at night due to the protection of the darkness.  Brown trout feed on worms, minnows, insects and crustaceans.

Lake Trout

The Lake Trout, also known as The Great Lakes Trout, Salmon Trout and Mackinaw Trout, is the King Kong of this reservoir and the largest of the trout species. With an average length of two to three feet, it is not uncommon to catch a 15 to 40 pound trout. The world record for this trout was 102 pounds with a length of 50 inches. This trout likes to dwell deep in lakes where the water is colder.  In early spring, these trout can be found closer to the to the surface of the lake until the water warms and in the fall when the water begins to cool once again.  Lake trout feed on nearly anything fleshy which includes eels, minnows, smelt, and other small fish.

When to Fish at Rampart Reservoir

For the most enjoyable time fishing at this reservoir, set the alarm clock early and head out for sunrise.  The area tends to begin to produce stronger winds come mid-day, so a calm morning on the water is a go-to.  If you’re looking for a day of ultimate adventure, Rampart Reservoir has a twelve mile single loop bike trail to ride on as well.

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