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The Diet of Trout and What Flies Should be on Your Line this Fall in Colorado

Fall Fishing in Colorado
Colorado is an amazing place for outdoor activities all throughout the year. With world class skiing in the winter to beautiful hiking in the summer, Colorado has it all. One of the most popular activities through most of the year is fly fishing. Colorado brings in fisherman from all over the world who want to reel in great fish in amazing locations.
Colorado offers a wide variety of trout for fly fishing. Throughout the state fisherman can catch northern pike, kokanee salmon, and rainbow, cutthroat, cutbow, brown, brook, and lake trout. Their diet is primarily other fish, flies, mayflies, caddisflies, stone flies, mollusk, and various species of zooplankton. Trout may also feed on shrimp, mealworms, bloodworms, insects, small animal parts, and even eel.

Fall Fishing in Colorado

Fall Fishing in Colorado

Best Time of Day to Fish in the Fall

As fall rolls in, your approach to fly fishing must change. Water temperature matters for fishing and unlike summer, when you want to hit the water early morning or late evening, in autumn mid-morning to mid-afternoon is best. You must also be more aware of your shadow in fall, as the water is more clear and the fish have much better view of what is happening over the water.

What Flies Should be on Your Line this Fall

Here is a few of our recommendations of flies to get the best trout this fall.

1. Kirk Deeter’s “Money Bugs”

These “money Bugs” are proving their worth with professional guides and hobby fisherman alike from coast to coast.

2. “Parachute” in the colors Olive and Adams

This fly has a profile that cleanly replicates adult mayflies and its white post makes it highly visable to anglers. Since its development in the 1920’s this has been the do-anything, match-almost-anything-any-hatch pattern. Many professionals say if they had to pick one fly that this would be it!

3. Randall Kaufmann’s Stimulator in Orange and a Yellow

This fly is a common go to staple for many anglers because it is so versatile. The smaller sizes are great for fooling caddis-eating trout. The yellow variety can be fished to match golden stoneflies. This fly is easy to see from a distance in most currents, it rides high for many repeated cast, and it gets bit often.

4. Ralph Cutter’s E/C Caddies in Olive

This is one versatile bug, but is amazing for any river where caddies are the main course on the trout menu. This fly has added details beyond traditional hair wing, like the tail/shuck and hackle, help it float better than other patterns in zippy river conditions. Trout also love the way the added hackle and tail fibers oscillate in the water.

5. Don Puterugh’s Foam Caddies in Black, Tan, & Olive

This is one of the most reliable adult patters. It is quite dutable and buoyant. It is also very versatile, sometimes foolong selective trout that are keyed on small terrestrails, like black ants.
Add these flies to your collection and go hit the rivers and streams in Colorado this fall!  Need new fishing gear?  Fly Fishing Colorado in Kremmling is now an Orvis endorsed outfitter and we have all the gear you need!

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