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What to Expect on Fly Fishing Colorado’s Upper C Tour

Fly fishing is one of Colorado’s popular outdoor activities.  Whether you’re looking for a day on the water with your family or just wanting to throw a line in the water and take in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, it’s a perfect past time for either.

The drive to tune into nature and truly understand the waters, the wind, and most importantly the fish is what makes one a successful angler.  This skill is shown as you turn a stonefly from a mechanically made object into a four-course meal for that trout your about to nab.  An avid fisherman knows the stretches in feeding flights that each fish takes and uses this knowledge in the pursuit of a great catch.

With that being said, not everyone is a master angler with endless pockets to start a new hobby.  That’s where Fly Fishing Colorado comes in.  We’ll teach you the do’s and don’ts of fly fishing for beginners, or give the experienced a great day on the river on our Upper Colorado River excursion.

Where is the fly fishing trip?

This journey takes place on the famous Colorado River that carved the Grand Canyon.  You’ll take off from the convenient location of Kremmling, which is less than an hour outside of Summit County.

What gear is included?

Fly Fishing Colorado will set you up with the gear and knowledge you need for successful fishing between flies, poles, and raft.  All you need beforehand is a fishing license.

How long is the trip?

You’ll be on floating on the water for about 4 hours on this trip.  This makes for a greater amount of chances of catch with trying out different spots.

Image Courtesy of Brian Baca

What will you catch?

You’ll have an array of trout to test your skills on from Rainbow’s, Browns, and even Cut Throat’s.  This is the full Colorado experience when it comes to throwing flies across the river.

How will my guide help?

Sit back and relax while the expert leads you to the best fishing spots on the Colorado River.  Your guide considers everything from time of year to water level to determine where to fish the day of your adventure.  You’ll also learn everything from how to cast, how to reel, and how to catch, and you’ll be looking like a pro in no time!

What if I’m an experienced fly fisherman?

Should you already be a pro, this trip is still great.  Your guide and you can’t throw around some of your best fishing stories as you enjoy your morning on the water.  This really is an all-around great experience for any level of experience fisherman or lady.

How many people can come on a trip?

One of Fly Fishing Colorado’s rafts will fit two guests and the guide.

What about lunch?

Lunch is included on this expedition and makes the perfect refuel between throwing your line into the water.

Join Fly Fishing Colorado for a fishing venture this year!  Call 970-423-7031 to book now or for answers to any more questions you may have.



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