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Essential Fly Fishing Gear

For those looking to get into fly fishing, purchasing the essential equipment is a great start. What does the “essential equipment” consist of? Utilize this list to make sure you have the necessary fly fishing gear to get started:

Fly Fishing Gear

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Fly Rod

Fly rods come in all sorts of lengths, models, and price ranges. For those just beginning, splurging on a $500 rod may not be the smartest choice. A good beginner rod is a 9 footer with either four or five weight fly line. Also keep in mind that rods can be broken down into pieces. A five piece rod will work well for a backpacker as it packs down very small, and a two piece rod may be better for someone who can walk down to the river and doesn’t want much fuss putting his or her rod together. Any fly fishing shop should be able to help you narrow down which rod will work best for you based on your needs.

Fly Reel

Reels also vary in price. With freshwater fishing, the quality of your reel isn’t going to make or break your experience so start with an entry level model. One thing to note is that your reel should match the weight of the rod you purchase.

Fly Fishing Gear

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Fly Line

This will be the most essential piece of equipment you purchase. Types of lines vary from floating to sinking and it can be challenging to pick the right type for what species you will be fishing. A very basic line to start out with is the Weight Forward line as it is easy to cast for those learning.

Leader and Tippet & Flies

The leader and tippet is what connects the end of your line to the fly. The simplest way to pick out a leader and tippet is to take in your rod set up to a fly shop and let the retailer know what you will be fishing. They will be able to pick out the best set up for your specific rod. Your flies should also be purchased with the advice of retailer. There are thousands of variations and choosing can be tricky without expert advice.


For more information on fly fishing gear and essentials, or to book a guided fly fishing trip, call an agent at Fly Fishing Colorado at 970-423-7036.


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