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Colorado Classic Pro-Am Ice Fishing Tournament

Located in Park County, around two hours away from the Denver area, lies Eleven Mile State Park.  Eleven Mile is known as one the most popular fishing areas in Colorado and offers a wide range of species in it’s waters.  An abundance of rainbow trouts, northern pike, and kokanee salmon swim freely throughout the state park.  Some fishing restrictions are even put in place to let the fish keep thriving!   All fishing is prohibited in the restricted area near the dam on the east end of the reservoir, with a rule on flies and lures only, and a policy on catch and release within 100 feet of the mouth of the inlet.  Fishing from any island or dock is also prohibited.

Eleven Mile State Park hosts the Colorado Classic Pro-Am Ice Fishing Tournament, held in January, February and March.  This well-established ice fishing tournament series continues to grow each year and attracts ice anglers from all over the world.  The team contest is three events all packed into one.  Entering all three events saves you $50 in the long run, and you can win bonus cash, prizes, and trophies. The Grand Slam awards cash prizes for three species of fish: trout, northern pike, and kokanee salmon. The trout-only contest has the best prize award, called the South Park Ice Masters.  Every year, some walk away from the Masters with a green jacket, bragging rights, and $4,000!

The Marina March Madness tournaments is comprised of three two-hour fishing sets at the North Shore. For the past four years, Cabela’s has been a successful Presenting Sponsor and great supporter of the Colorado Classic series. Colorado’s own fishing product company, Eagle Claw Shappell, will be a sponsor as well.  There are a handful of other companies that are sponsoring the event as well, including Valley Country Tackle from Aurora, Colorado Tackle Pro in Colorado Springs, and Tumbling Trout in Lake George.

This fishing tournament brings many together who have so much love for the sport that they’re willing to brave the cold to participate year round.  With many prizes to be won and lots to learn, the opportunity is endless to have fun for the day with children, friends, and family!


*Featured image courtesy of Denverite.


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