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Where to Go for the Best Trout Fishing in the Colorado Rockies

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Fall is a great time to set out on some fishing trips here in Colorado.  Not only is it a good time to potentially get a good catch, but the river slows down significantly after the warm weather moves its way out of the state so you’ll have plenty of space to cast your line.  Here are the best places to trout fish in the Colorado Rockies this fall.

The Arkansas River near Buena Vista, Colorado

Water levels on the Arkansas River are too low to head out on a raft at this time of year, but luckily enough there’s some great trout fishing at this time of year.  The water is low and clear at plenty of spots, so keeping your line upstream allows you to not be as visible to trout as they swim upstream in order to breathe and catch their food.

There are just over 100 miles of “Gold Medal Water” along the Arkansas River that are perfect for wading in the fall every year.  Just over half of that stretch is accessible to the public and hopefully you’ll have the chance to catch one of the notorious brown trout that resides in this stretch of water.

Elevenmile Canyon by Lake George, Colorado

Water levels in Elevenmile Canyon are significantly lower than a normal year at this time, but create a great environment for more experienced anglers on the hunt for technical fly fishing.  Dry fly fishing and jigged patterns are key for fishing Elevenmile Canyon this fall. 

Try your hand at fishing this reservoir which holds almost 3,000 fish per mile, and you may be able to catch a cutthroat, rainbow or brown trout on your excursion.  Don’t forget your polarized sunglasses, either!

Roaring Fork River near Carbondale, Colorado

This tributary of the Colorado River is another Gold Medal stretch of water in Colorado that’s bountiful and beautiful.  You can float Woody Creek down at this time of year, but may not be the desirable way to get out there due to lower water flows in the fall.

Trout Fishing in Colorado

You have plenty of options with fishing throughout this area if you find your way there this fall.  Be prepared for all types of fishing, and be able to roll with the punches if needed.

The Colorado River near Kremmling, Colorado

The best thing about fishing the Colorado River is that you can still cast a line from a raft at this time of year.  The water levels are lower so you’ll have to watch out for some shallow spots, but for the most part you’ll be able to skip the waders and access the entire river on a boat instead of just one side on your own two feet.

The Upper Colorado River is located close to Kremmling, so whether you’re staying in Steamboat Springs, near Breckenridge in Summit County, or the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, you’re just over an hour from some fishable water.  The river temperature has been pretty consistent in the mid-50’s with good visibility, making a large stretch of the Colorado prime fishing conditions for a midday outing.

If you want to skip all the legwork of figuring out where to fish this fall, call Fly Fishing Colorado today and book a guided fishing trip on the Upper Colorado River.  Our experienced guides can point you in the right direction, and we provide all the gear you need.  Just bring a valid fishing license and your sense of adventure!


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