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Top 5 Fall Fly Fishing Hatches on the Upper Colorado River Near Kremmling

By: Lysianne Peacock

Fall is one of the most scenic times of year in Colorado. If you’re a fly fishing fanatic, this time of year is sure to amaze you, especially if you go during one of the fall hatches on the Upper Colorado River near Kremmling.

What Do They Mean By “Hatch?”

A good hatch is oftentimes more exciting than the fly-fishing itself. So what exactly is a “hatch”? In fly fishing, a hatch does not refer to an egg hatching, contrary to popular belief and various dictionary definitions.

According to Midcurrent, the term “hatch” refers to adult insects popping up on the surface of the water and flying away. This is also referred to as “emergence.” While there are many ingredients in creating the perfect recipe for fly fishing, trout are attracted to food, so finding out what the best hatches are can help make your fall fly fishing trip on the Upper Colorado more enjoyable.

Top 5 Fall Hatches on the Upper Colorado River:

1. Caddisflies

The caddisfly fall hatch occurs from spring through the fall attracting an abundant number of trout.

2. Pale Morning Dun (PMD)

The PMD are a type of mayfly that hatch from early June to September. They emerge between mid-morning and early afternoon and run at a size of 16-22.

2. Stoneflies

Stoneflies are available all year due to their four-year lifespan. They are a major part of a trout’s diet due to their longevity.

4. Blue Wing Olive Fly (BWO) or Baetis

The BWO is a type of mayfly that emerge from late February to May and Aust into November, making them a trout favorite.

5. Midges

Midges are a year-round trout food making them a great hatch for the fall.

Suggested Flies to Match the Fall Hatch: AVA Rafting and Zipline fly fishing guides have some great tips to make sure you match the hatch and have a successful fall fly fishing trip:

  • Use a longer leader, with a small dry fly if you see fishing rising.
  • As we approach the middle of fall and the beginning of the brown spawn, dead drifting a wooly bugger with either a squirmy worm or an egg pattern below it works well.
  • Smaller flies like zebra midges as we go into the fall, bright day=bright fly, dark day=dark flies!
  • Until the first hard freeze the terrestrials like beetles and ants, as well as grasshoppers work well along the banks.

Want to experience fall fly fishing in the Colorado Rockies? Book a fly fishing trip with AVA today!


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