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Best Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

Sunglasses are one of the most important pieces of fishing gear. In many fishing scenarios they become unquestionably the most important tool in an angler’s arsenal. Fishermen face a dizzying array of options from a fairly wide field of manufacturers. Knowing not only which sunglasses perform at a high level, but which are best suited to your type of fishing can be difficult. The hope is that bringing our experiences to bear on these decision making efforts will prove considerably valuable.

You might be thinking, “is there even a difference between regular sunglasses and fishing sunglasses?” Well, there is! There are several aspects that make these glasses different from each other, and there are several things to look for in a pair of specialized fishing sunglasses that will guarantee both quality and style. One of the major differences are going to be with the type of lenses in your glasses. Here are some of the different lenses and the affect they have while fishing.

Amber Colored Lenses

Amber lenses will improve clarity when you’re fishing in sandy lakes or stream beds. They will increase contrast in what’s around you and improve vision on rainy, overcast days. They will also aid in differentiating between blue skies and darker water, which will be a huge advantage when fishing.

Yellow Colored Lenses

Yellow lenses will improve focus by filtering out blue light. This will be a huge advantage, because you’re usually surrounded by blue while you’re fishing. They will also increase contrast on overcast days and help you see through dense fog.

Smokey Lenses

Smokey lenses reduce overall brightness for both sunny days and offshore fishing. They will also help you to maintain color clarity throughout the day, and even during the evening as the sun is setting.

Polarized Lenses

Best polarized fishing sunglasses will eliminate glare off the water around you, and will give you a much wider scope of vision. They will also help you see deeper into the water, which is a huge advantage. They will create more definition in what’s around you and will help you see across choppy water.


Best Sunglasses for Fly Fishing

Now that you have a better idea of which lenses are best for the various types of fishing, check out some of the best sunglasses on the market for fishing this year:

Costa Kiwa

Kiwa sunglasses are inspired by the divine guardians of the ocean from New Zealand. Costa Kiwa fishing sunglasses are a fan favorite with its large lens, wrap-around style for ultimate sun protection. These are more of an aviator-style sunglass option, so not only will you be protected while fishing, but you will be looking stylish. Various Costa lens colors and polarized lens options are available

Smith Guide’s Choice

With a serious wrap and medium-large frame, Guide’s Choice offers superior light protection. Smith Guide’s Choice also has ChromaPop and Techlite glass lenses to make sure no one is cheated from the beautiful colors of the water and is 100% UV protected.

Maui Jim Red Sands

Red Sands rectangular shape compliments a variety of face shapes. Red Sands are made of ManiPure lens material technology that features optimal clarity and is both shatter and scratch resistance. These features, including an ultra-lightweight frame, are perfect for dedicated fishermen.


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