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7 Fun Facts about Colorado Trout Fishing

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Colorado is a hot spot for trout fishing sought out by anglers throughout the world. So what really makes Colorado trout fishing different from many other places? Here are several fun facts about Colorado Trout that are Unique to the Upper Colorado River near Kremmling.

  • There are several species of trout in Colorado where the cutthroat trout, brown, and rainbow trout reign supreme. These trout love the rivers of Colorado due to naturally cool water temperatures that are ideal for spawning. The best time to catch trout is in the spring as waters are shallow moving them into pockets along the river. You can catch them all year round but it may be a bit of a challenge.
  • Distinguishing between a rainbow and a cutthroat trout is fairly explainable. The cutthroat has very distinct red marks underneath their jawline. The cutthroat is the only native trout in Colorado. The largest specie of trout in Colorado is the lake trout and can be found in the cooler parts of Colorado, such as Georgetown. 

A hand holding a rainbow trout in a fishing net

  • The biggest difference between trout and salmon is their body shape; trout are more round whereas salmon are aerodynamically shaped like a torpedo. Another insight into the difference is that most trout strictly live in freshwater while salmon can go live in both freshwater and saltwater. 
  • Wild trout have a mortality rate of 95% before they reach their first year. That means only 5 out of 100 make it past their first year! With these numbers always check your waterways’ regulations on trout. 

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  • Colorado’s state fish is the Greenback Cutthroat trout. It is important to remember that all trout caught on the stretch of the Upper Colorado River near Kremmling, Colorado need to be released back into the river. First-time fly fishing? Try it with a guide with Arkansas Valley Adventures (AVA).
  • Fly fishing is the most promising way to catch trout in Colorado, many midges and flies look so real that fish are bound to take the bait. Also, understanding how the water flows and what time of year the mayflies hatch. Mayflies are some of the most abundant food sources for trout. The two times of year that they hatch are in spring and autumn.

A gloved hand holding a small trout out of the water with a net in the frame

  • Fishing for trout is permitted year-round, keep up-to-date on the regulations of the area you plan on fishing with CPW. Conditions are always subjected to change and always maintain a valid fishing license.
  • Gold waters throughout Colorado ensure some of the finest fly fishing to offer on the Colorado River and down by Gunnison. These waters have the most population within any square mile in the state of Colorado.

With all of Colorado’s lakes, rivers, and streams there are seemingly endless amounts of trout that call Colorado home. Colorado offers great opportunities for first-time fly fishers and the experienced alike. Ensuring that you get the most out of opportunities while fishing, learn from experienced guides from AVA by booking online at coloradoflyfishing.net or by calling us at 970-423-7031.



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