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5 Fun Facts about Fly Fishing in the Fall

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Colorado has some of the best fly fishing in the United States. Fall is a prime time to come catch some hungry trout that are beefing up for the winter season. In addition to making large catches, the views really cannot get better as you fish surrounded by golden mountains with fall foliage.

(1) Fish between mid morning and mid afternoon – when temps are warmest. 

During the fall season the best time of day to fish is mid morning to mid afternoon. As the days get shorter and the nights become longer, the mornings are just a bit too cold for fish to come out for breakfast! So, plan on enjoying your early morning sunrise from a spectacular view point near- by, or the comfort of your warm bed! There is no need to worry about fighting for the perfect spot on the river!

(2) Don’t worry about crowds

The summer crowds start to thin out drastically come fall. Which means much more fish for you to catch in the peaceful surroundings of the Colorado outdoors.

(3) Pay attention to your shadow

When you are fishing during the fall, make sure to mind your shadow. The sun will project your shadow much farther than throughout the summer. Fish are constantly expecting the unexpected attack from above. Shadows can sometimes let them know you’re there. Make sure to pack those waders and get out into the water vs standing on the river bank. If you cannot avoid river bank access then make sure to crouch or kneel down so your shadow doesn’t scare away your perfect catch!

(4) Wear dark and dull colors

Clothing is also important during this time as well! Rivers and streams are usually much lower this time of year, causing the water to be much clearer. Fish can be very sensitive to bright colors. Make sure you are blending in with your surroundings as much as possible. Neutral colors are the go-to for fall attire. The weather is starting to get cooler so make sure to pack some extra layers!

(5) Pick your river wisely 

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When fly fishing in the fall you must know what rivers to go to! Here is a list of a few of the best during the fall season throughout Colorado:

  • The Lower Eagle River – Some of the largest trout in the state. Easily accessible throughout Eagle, down to Gypsum.
  • The Lower Gunnison River – If you’re looking for a challenging hike down to some fantastic river access then get ready to be secluded down in Gunnison.
  • The Colorado River – Maintains a pretty consistent water level. While almost every other river is starting to drastically drop, The Colorado River stays deep and stocked with hungry fish!
  • The Arkansas River – Stays warmer throughout the fall season compared to most other rivers. Many people escape to the towns of Buena Vista and Salida to enjoy a few final casts before the ice starts to freeze over.

Whether you’re a first-time fly fisher, or a guide looking to get in more casts during the final days of the season, you will not be disappointed. Colorado is and will be one of the greatest areas to fly fish in the United States time and time again, every fall season.


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