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What to expect on a guided fly fishing trip in Colorado

Colorado is home to some beautiful fish and with so many rivers and creeks how could they not want to live in such a marvelous state. Who knows there could be a fishing treasure trove just minutes from your home. Have you ever wondered what is the best way to catch the majestic species of fish and master the elegant dance of what is Fly Fishing. A guided fly fishing trip just might be the next adventure you should embark on. Not quite sure what to expect? Then check out this guide before you get on on the river! 

When To Take A Fly Fishing Guided Trip

There are plenty of fish to catch all year around in Colorado. However, depending on what you are looking for then we recommend the following trips during different times of the year.

  • All I care about is catching something… anything:  March, April and May might be the perfect time for you. That is if you do not mind cool temperatures. The fish are very active during this peak run off season.
  • I am Here to Dry Fly: We recommend using dry flies between July and September. Also this is usually when weather is warm and beautiful.
  • Leave the other fish in the River… I just want Salmon: Salmon are easier to catch during the early season. Again we reccomend the Spring and peak run off season to go on a trip if you are looking for salmon.
  • Colorado Trout are the fish for me: Trout are prevalent in Colorado, but just to be certain we recommend going trout fishing in the summer and fall.

You can take a guided fishing trip from early spring to late fall, so we recommend picking a time that will most likely get you what you want. After you choose when to go, then you get to leave the rest up to the professionals!

What To Bring On A Guided Fly Fishing Trip

The first step to preparing for a guided fly fishing trip is making sure you have what you need.  which includes

  • Rain jacket
  • Layers to adjust for the changing climate
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Brimmed hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Any medications you require, or allergy EpiPen®
  • Any drinks or snacks you desire
  • Camera
  • Fishing license

You are welcome to bring any of your own gear if you would like too but it is not required. On a guided trip, your guided will have all of the necessary gear ready to go for you. They will bring rods, reels, waders & boots, leaders, tippet, and flies. 

What to Expect When you Arrive

Once you reserve your trip and are ready to go, you will meet your guide at the fly fishing outpost.  You will travel to your fishing location with your guide, and you will get a run down of what equipment you will be using such as what flies will be most successful on that given day.

Depending on your level, your guide will go over a quick ground school session before you jump in. He will give you all the information you need to properly throw your fly. If you are prepared your guide will be happy to skip ground school. You won’t spend much time practicing on land because there is no better practice than getting out there testing the waters for yourself.

Your guide will be by yourside as long as your would like their guidance. They will show you any of the tricks they have learned from their years of Fly Fishing experience. You will have the opportunity to learn all about what fishing is like in Colorado.

Keeping the Fish you Catch

For most trips, you will not be able to keep what you catch, but you can take as many photos as you would like to always remember your amazing day catching some beautiful fish off the banks of Colorado’s creeks and rivers. There is a lot more to fishing than just taking the fish home, and that is why most of the Colorado River trips are catch and release. This keeps fishing in Colorado sustainable and fun for years to come. 

Booking a trip: Now that you know what to expect, check out the guided trips you can take on the beautiful Colorado River: https://flyfishingcolorado.net/guided-fishing-trips/ 


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