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Spin Fishing Vs Fly Fishing

Spin Fishing Vs Fly Fishing

Spin Fishing or Fly Fishing: Who Rules the Angler Kingdom?

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There is an age-old debate that may never truly be resolved; “What is the superior form of fishing, spin fishing or fly fishing?”. While this is a debate that will always be discussed, really the answer will differ from angler to angler depending on their own personal preferences. We’ll allow those anglers who wish to have that conversation amongst themselves but for this blog, lets just take a look at each form of fishing and how they are similar or differ.

What is Spin Fishing?

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This is likely what most people are familiar with and it is the most common fishing method. Spin fishing is where a spinning lure is used attract and hook a fish. Spin fishing is often used to catch as many fish as possible when fly fishing. The ability to use different crankbaits and other kinds of lures can make spin fishing useful when you are trying to catch a variety of fish in addition to trout. When spin fishing, you can either use a open faced real or closed face. The technique for spin fishing does take time to master but is a bit easier than fly fishing. The weighted hook during allows you to easily propel the hook towards the fish. This allows you to rapidly cover a larger area of water. Spin fishing is often best suited for saltwater but can be effective also in fresh water when done correctly.

What is Fly Fishing?

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Fly fishing is a method of fishing that utilizes a light-weight artificial fly that anglers use unique techniques of casting in order to best imitate the actual movements each food source makes. This ability to represent the food source with lures and casting technique makes fly fishing a bit more difficult to learn but also provides a higher level of satisfaction when you do earn yourself a catch. Many see fly fishing as a more peaceful, and pure way of hooking a fish because of the skill and challenge it requires. Fly fishing was often thought as a a way to catch trout but recently anglers have been getting creative in terms of baits and techniques in order ot catch a wider variety of fish.

Spin vs Fly: The DifferencesSpin Fishing Vs Fly Fishing

Which is right for you?

When it comes down to it and if you are able, try both! Many anglers enjoy both thoroughly and like to take advantage of each method depending on the situation. There are a few things to consider when trying to decide between spin and fly fishing. A few things to consider are level of difficulty, cost, and overall goal for their fishing excursion.


The method that takes less experience to fish effectively is spin fishing. Having said that, the challenge of fly fishing is what many are drawn to. The art of imitating the food source a fish is looking for comes with a true appreciation for the sport and one that provides many with a sense of peacefulness and pride. Spin fishing is often an easier way too hook some fish which for many is plenty of fun!


There is definitely a big difference when it comes to cost of equipment. Fly fishing gear will cost quite a bit more than spin fishing. It will take somewhere around $300 during a summer to get all the fly gear you need but don’t let that stop you as you can always rent gear or borrow some from someone you know. Spin fishing rods are much cheaper and you can typically get the gear you need for under $100!


Both spin fishing and fly fishing can have different results and that may help you decide on which method is best for you. Looking to catch a lot of fish in a shorter amount of time? Spin fishing is the move for you. More interested in a challenge that requires more knowledge of food source movements, lure options, and fish behavior? Fly fishing is the challenge you should try out.

When it comes down to it, we recommend trying each method out and going whichever method you enjoy most. At the end of the day no matter what method you prefer, we all go to the water to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and enjoy a therapeutic day with nature.



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