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A Local Guide to the Best Fishing Spots on the Colorado River Near Kremmling Colorado

River and sunshine
Written by Kurt Griesenauer

Fishing on the Colorado river is one of the most beautiful places in the state to fly fish. This river has many areas with great tree coverage along the banks, picturesque mountains in the background, and the possibility to see some local wildlife. Alot of the fishing areas near Kremmling Colorado are only accessible by a boat or raft (many different companies will float you down). Fly fishing on the Colorado river is a lot of information that can be hard to get through. I put together an expansive guide to different spots near Kremmling Colorado and where to go once you get to Kremmling. This trout fishing paradise is sure to have you coming back year after year to catch the beautiful rainbow and brown trout native to this area

Confluence Recreation Area

Image courtesy of bluevalleyranch.com

This park is right where the Blue River and Colorado Rivers meet. The Blue River is known for its gold medal fishing water. If you are looking to fish and wade for local Colorado trout near Kremmling; This is the place for you. This area is for day use only. It is the put-in for gore canyon and in the fall, you might see some rafters or kayakers about to put-in for a Class V river adventure.

Gore Canyon

This will be by far the wildest fishing experiences you could ever fathom. This a trip required to have an experienced river guide. You must also be able to be physically fit for this excursion. It starts with a little over of three miles of flat water until you get into the rapids, so you will have some time to fish before your adrenaline starts pumping. This section of river takes you through many steep and technical Class V rapids. If you can bare to get through these wild and entertaining rapids, you will be rewarded. These waters are fished very little so there are some monsters that will make any fisherman jealous. To access this section, head south on Highway 9, take a right on the Trough Road, and the put in is about a half mile down the road on the right.


Colorado River Fly Fishing

This is the first recreational access under the Class V whitewater section know as Gore Canyon. This recreational area can be accessed by road and you can wade into the river right at this spot, or you can get a guided trip to take you farther down river. This family-friendly section has a few smaller rapids but allows you to hop from eddy to eddy to catch all the trout your heart desires (up until the amount the state allows). To access this area from Kremmling head south out of town on Highway 9, turn right on the Trough Road, and head south about ten miles until you reach the Pumphouse Recreational Site.


Located below the Pumphouse Recreation Area, Radium is very similar to Pumphouse. This is a great area to put in a raft and float the five miles down to the next take out or launch area. There is a substantial hatch early in June which is part of the reason this area is known for its fish population that makes it one of the largest trout rivers in the state. This area is known for its hot springs on the side of the river. Incredible fishing with hot springs to relax in?! This area is a must-visit!

Rancho del RioColorado River Rafting

This is the next entry point into the Colorado river below radium. This area is similar to the Pumphouse and Radium Recreation Area where it is best to take a float trip in a raft or boat headed to the State Bridge exit point. There are many areas and great opportunities to wade or walk along these banks while fishing. This area has campsites right next to the river so this is a great spot to bring the whole family for the weekend.


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