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Fly Fishing as Stress Relief

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Fly fishing is known as a relaxing, quiet sport spent by rivers and creeks in the great outdoors. Those who have never tried fly fishing seem to think it’s also a fairly mindless activity, however, the art of casting and mending is more complex than that. It is a sport that works your mind and body in a way that will distract you from the stresses of daily life as hours pass by quickly. Fly fishing offers many health benefits, including stress relief.

Stress Relief & Other Heath Benefits

There are many aspects of fly fishing that relieve stress. Here are some of the reasons to try fly fishing to help with stress relief.

  • Removes You From Your Stressful Environment

    • This isn’t just a health benefit; it’s also an entertainment benefit! Fly fishing is most successful executed in quiet, secluded areas, as the hustle and bustle of more populated areas tends to scatter the fish. For that reason the sport takes you away from daily stresses of life and immerses you into the great outdoors. The quiet, calmness of the perfect fly fishing spot will allow you to clear your mind of everything except the task at hand – fishing.
  • No Cell Phone Service

    • Talk about unplugging and disconnecting from the world! The seclusion of fly fishing will usually bring you to a place where you probably won’t have cell service. If you do, it definitely won’t be good service. So grab your gear, pack up the car and let someone know where you are going and when you will be back, then turn your phone off. Trust me, even a few hours without the open lines of communication will do wonders on your mood.
  • stress relief

    Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Mentally & Physically Active Enough to Distract from Everyday Stresses

    • Fly fishing is anything but mindless. It requires attention and, therefore, distracts you from everything outside of casting, mending and catching fish. It allows you to use both mind and body, though not exhaustively, as you soak in the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Quiet & Peaceful

    • What’s more relaxing than the sounds of flowing water and nature all around? Step away from the sounds of car whizzing by, anxious chatter, phones ringing and keyboard typing and opt into the sounds of nature all around you.
  • Gives Perspective

    • There’s no such thing as an ugly fly fishing spot. When you go fly fishing you will unavoidably be placed into some truly gorgeous scenery. When you are stressed out, seeing the beauty and complexity of the world around you will provide so much needed perspective.
  • Source of Accomplishment

    • Think for a second about how finishing a big project or landing a great deal at work makes you feel. Good, right? Well imagine how it feels to accomplish something that never had stress attached to it? Rather than accomplishment combined with a sense of relief, catching a fish leaves you with a feeling of pure accomplishment. There is no stress necessary to succeed on the river!
  • Tires You Out

    • stress relief

      Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

      Trust me, after a full day on the river, you are going to get a good nights sleep. Your body will be happy you didn’t sit on the couch all day, and your mind will be relieved you let it focus on something else. Once your head hits the pillow you will rest easy and wake refreshed and ready to start a new day!

So close your work email, turn off the phone and allow yourself to get outside and breathe. You will do much better in stressful situations if you give yourself a true day off. If you are interested in getting out on the river and learning the ins and outs of this stress-relieving sport, try our 4 Hour Fly Fishing Float trip, or give us a call for information on other fly fishing opportunities: 970-423-7036.


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