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Intro To Wade Fishing 

Wade Fishing

wade fishingFly fishing is one of the most popular sports here in Colorado. From the plethora of lakes, rivers and streams around the high country, there are endless secret spots not even very far from town. There are different types of fly fishing, as well as different ways to do it. Here at Fly Fishing Colorado we offer guided float trips on the Colorado River, as well as walk and wade fishing trips in Breckenridge on the Blue River and in Granite on the Arkansas River. No experience necessary; the guides will teach you everything you need to know. Or, if you do have a bit of experience, the guides can cater to your ability level. You could say we have something for everyone!


Trip Information

Liam-Doran-9114When you sign up for a walk and wade fishing trip, you can expect to meet your guides at the local fly fishing shop where they will get you outfitted with everything you need. They will provide waders, boots, a fly rod and all of the appropriate tools. The only extra purchase you will need to make at the shop is the recommended flies (bait) for the day. The guides will then bring everyone to the river where you will start the walk and wade fishing.

If you are unfamiliar with what it means to wade, you would essentially walk either along the river or through the river to get to desired fishing areas. It is important to listen to the guide when he or she is instructing you on how to cast as well as where to cast. You could call the guides fish experts and specifically trout experts, which is what occupies most bodies of water in Colorado. They know how the fish move, what they like to eat, as well as where they are most prevelant. Listen to every word they say and you are sure to find a tight line with a fish on the other end. For questions on available trips in Colorado, give our trip specialists a call at 970-423-7036.


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