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The Difference Between a Wading and a Floating Fly Fishing Trip

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If you are anything like me, then fly fishing definitely sounds both intriguing and overwhelming! For example, if you did not even know that there are multiple types of fly-fishing options then we are definitely very similar, and you should probably keep reading this little fly fishing – education blurb.

I’m going to give you all a quick run down of the different types of fly-fishing trips, what to wear and bring, the best spots to hit, and some additional tips!

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Wade Trips Vs Float Trips

There are both wading fly-fishing trips as well as floating fly-fishing trips. The difference in these trips is pretty straightforward! During a wading fly-fishing trips a fisherman will wear something called “waders” and will be standing directly in the river or body of water to cast their reel, whereas during a floating fly-fishing trip a fisherman is not required to wear “waders” and is casting their reel from a raft or fishing boat. It definitely seems like the floating option is more ideal for a fisherman just beginning their fly-fishing journey, but if you are a confident fisherman then wading may be an exciting option for more dynamic fishing!

Guides & Gear

Now that you have an idea of which type of fly-fishing trips are available let’s talk guides and gear! Beyond deciding whether you would prefer to wade or float during your fly-fishing expedition, you will also need to decide whether you will be going fly-fishing with or without a guide. There are several major benefits to going fishing with a guide, but those benefits are especially prevalent if you are brand new to the sport! In my opinion, the most beneficial aspects to going on a guided trip versus a solo trip for your beginning into the sport is getting to borrow both their expertise & their gear! Learning a new sport from someone who knows what they’re doing is almost always going to be a smoother process than trying to learn on your own, and while having your own gear may definitely be a goal eventually, the cost of purchasing all of the necessary gear can definitely add up on the front end of things. Borrowing gear from an experienced guide not only will save you money on the front end of your trip, but it will also afford you the opportunity to not only see if the sport is your “thing”, but to see if you prefer the particular kind/brand of gear that your guide is using versus another type of rod or brand of waders.

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Location, Location, Location

There are places to break into and practice fly fishing all across America, but of course I am particularly inclined towards Colorado as the backdrop & location for any outdoor activity. Colorado is home to some of the most beautiful rivers to fly fish in the entire country, and is in no shortage of options for those locations! There are fly fishing opportunities on the North Platte, Blue, Gunnison, Roaring Fork, Yampa, Rio Grande, Arkansas, and Colorado Rivers all in various locations throughout Colorado. AVA Whitewater Rafting & Ziplining offers guided fly-fishing trips on the Colorado River out of Kremmling, CO, and works with their partner company the ArkAnglers to provide reservations for guided fly-fishing trips on the Arkansas River out of Buena Vista, CO. AVA makes the reservation process for setting up a fly fishing trip so simple that even the most novice fisherman can go into a reservation with the upmost confidence in their trip!


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