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Ready for More Catches on your next Fishing Trip: Here are 5 Pro Tips for Catching more Trout in Colorado

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Colorado is known as one of the best places in the world for fishing. Between the lakes and rivers throughout the state there is a wide variety of trout. Anglers from all over the world come to the Centennial State to chase the ultimate catch. However, catching that legendary trout of your dreams can be a little tricky. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MG_2785JPG-1024x683.jpg

We got 5 tips to catch more trout on your next fishing trip to Colorado!

1) Hit it early or hit it late!

Timing is a gigantic factor for fishing. Different fish will tend to be more active at different times throughout the day. It can depend on the time of the year but trout tend to be more active at the crack of dawn.

Regardless, the best time for any fish will be early in the morning or later in the evening, so leave your lazy pants at home and be ready to be on the water by the crack of dawn, or start as the sun is going down.

2) Keep an eye on stocking reports.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocking report is a valuable source of information for any fisher man. Every Friday during the fishing season the Colorado Parks and Wildlife management give updates of stocking reports for all the fishing spots throughout the state. With this report you will know exactly which lake or river to head to depending on when you’re going fishing.

This is the best way to increase your chances of catching trout in Colorado!

3) Know your bait.

Every type of trout prefers different bait. Options are endless. Swimbaits, worm imitators, powerbait, spinners, tubes, critters, salmon eggs are all choices, and that is just with a traditional rod.

Fly fishing offers another fun way to catch trout and endless options of flies to catch the trout of your dreams. Knowing what fly or lure to use and when to use it makes all the difference with what you catch!

4) Try a Kayak.

The mores space you have to fish, the more opportunity to catch some trout. The best way to cover more surface area is by kayak. A kayak gives you the opportunity to get in the middle of the river or lake where some evasive trout may be hiding.

Today there are many kayaks on the market that are made specifically for fishing. These kayaks have features to make fishing an ease and often are built to be very stable and have a platform on the front to allow you to stand while you cast!

5) Go with a Guide.

Most popular fishing destinations will have many guide companies that offer a variety of trips to take you on! Whether you have a guide take you out wading through the water or on a raft down the river, a guide will have the information you need to catch the kind of trout you are looking for. Their knowledge of the best spots and best gear can give you the best angling experience of your life! Book a flight to Colorado, find some water, follow these tips to take your trout angling to the next level, and you will surly have the best trout fishing experience of your life!


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