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The Best New Fishing Gear in 2019 for Your Colorado Fishing Trip

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As snow begins to blanket much of the country, the fly fishing world has begun to wind down and make way for the winter sports that so many people in Colorado enjoy every year. But do not fret my fishing friends, as one season ends, a new one begins, and with that comes new fly-fishing gear. So whether you are looking for yourself or searching for the perfect gift ideas… here is a great list of upcoming fly-fishing gear for you.┬áLets start with some new rods shall we?

Sage Igniter

  • Great for windy conditions
  • Supports long casts, line carry
  • Terrific accuracy and loop control
Igniter Rod

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The Sage Igniter is a rod that will dominate in windy conditions, provide you with superior long casts, line carry, and help strengthen your accuracy/loop control. This rod is not for the everyday angler, but its more suited for stream fishing with heavy sink tips or big water when conditions start to turn south.

Sage Dart

  • Helps for accurate delivery of small flies
  • Great for casting in small water, amid different obstructions
  • Light and stealthy presentations
Dart Rod

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The Sage Dart Fly Rod, is great for casting in a small water setting, has accurate delivery of small flies, and a light and stealthy presentations. It has a short-range fast action from chasing war trout in clear water or obstacle-ridden streamsides.

Evolution LTX

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Now for the reels! The Ross Evo LTX Reel is a thing of beauty. It’s a culmination of expert craftsmanship, and dedication to detail. This reel won’t let you down in at all when it comes to both salt, and freshwater fishing. It features a modern design, ross phenolic handle, improved drag, and truly large arbor spool. Te drag system on this reel was improved compared to its earlier models and the larger reels have enough strength for large redfish and bonefish, while smaller reels are more suited for trout.

Spey Reel

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Another reel that would make a great addition to you gear in 2019 is the Sage Spey. It has a truly awesome design with modern performance. Line guards are there to assure thin running lines don’t migrate between spool and frame while casting.

Grande Reel

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Another great option is the Redington Grande Fly Reel. The reel comes with awesome upgrades like the fully sealed super torque carbon drag, oversized palm rim, and an easy to locate handle and drag knob.

Max Gamechanger

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Of course, another important component to fly-fishing is the fly lines. Rio has introduced the InTouch Skagit Max Game Changer which offers two-handed anglers easy-casting, and sink tips ideal for deep casting control.

The Rio InTouch Trout Spey was designed to cast tips and heavy flies. This line is ideal for swinging flies and stripping streamers. The Rio Creek Line is great for shorter rods under 8 feet. It concentrates the weight of the head toward the front on the fly line and helps the rod load up at short distances.

Another really cool piece of new gear is the Thunderhead Chest Pack. It delivers a waterproof carry system that is designed to carry all of the necessary gear you’ll want to bring for a day on the water. It also includes a net holster! Stay a step ahead of the fish with Simms G3 Guide Wader River Camo which now comes with a Gore-Tex shell fabric. The camo is designed to confuse the fish so that they can’t make out any human shape.

Since we are all now extremely excited about the upcoming fly-fishing season, let’s get our trips planned. Whether you’re a veteran angler or just a noob, be sure to visit or call 970-423-7036 for more trip details!


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