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November 2018 Pike Fishing in Colorado – Where you can go to find them and what you should bring along

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Northern pike or water wolves, dragons, or toothies, the pike is one of the most thrilling whitewater fish to engage and catch. They have long, muscular body, a massive mouth full of sharp teeth and an uncontrollable appetite. These fish can get absolutely huge depending on where you are fishing.

In Colorado there are some great places to go fishing for pike and get your thrill on

The Navajo Reservoir: fish for northern pike in the deeper waters

This park is open year-round. It is described as Colorado’s answer to Lake Powell, the reservoir extends for 20 miles south into New Mexico. This is a great option for a weekend getaway or just for a great day trip.

The Williams Fork Reservoir: known for its trophy worthy Northern Pike, instead of trout

Many believe that the William Fork Reservoir will be the next spot that a state record pike will be caught. Many pike over 40 inches have been seen around this lake. You will want to use a boat if possibly while fishing for pike as it gives you a better position to see the fish, plus, you can cover more water that way too.

The Wolford Mountain Reservoir: this river district offers a $20 per pike incentive payment.

With more than 1,550 surface-acres,  there are plenty of fish in this reservoir. There are all types of recreation and on-shore rec facilities, with boat rental, boat ramps, camping with RV hookups, hiking, and of course fishing especially for pike. With this area being open year-round you will have plenty of time to cash in on the pike incentive.

Stagecoach State Park: located by Steamboat Springs in the Yampa Valley

This is a great place for fishing and other great recreational activities. There are beautiful backdrops to accompany the 820-acre reservoir. The state park is open year-round, which means fishing is available all year long. Since there is such a strong trout population, the pike have become pretty large with sizes between 35 to 46 inches and around 30lbs. Stagecoach is the current location to the Colorado Northern Pike record of 46.5” and 30lbs. 11 oz. Each angler is high encouraged to keep any pike that they might catch.

The Yampa River:  Another place near Steamboat Springs with great options for fishing

From Steamboat Springs to Hayden, this stretch is a great place for fishing as it holds both trout and pike. The habitat and water temps are just perfect and the area is not heavily fished. Along with great fishing they also have excellent camping with 50 camp sites, RV electric accessible sites, tent sites and group camping sites. You can either make a day trip or spend a week on the river.

What to bring Pike fishing

Once you decide on which area you want to go fishing, there are a number of things you don’t want to forget.

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  1. Fishing license
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Snacks and drinks
  5. Pliers-  You do not want to stick your hand down a pikes mouth
  6. Lures
  7. Lastly of course your rad, reel, and lines


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