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Fly Fishing Movies: The Best Films

The Best Fly Fishing Movies

Are you a fly fishing fanatic? Is it your number one hobby, or do you want it to be? Whatever your answer, you are definitely going to want to check out these timeless fly fishing movies centered around one of the most relaxing, unique and serene outdoor sports. One theme you will recognize in all of these movies

Fly Fishing Movies: The Best Films

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is that fly fishing plays a role in these people’s lives that goes far beyond participating in a sport, rather, it becomes intertwined in relationships, family dynamics and faith.

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It is the story of two brothers growing up in the Montana countryside under the watchful eye of their minister father. The rebellious boys devote their afternoons to fly fishing for trout on the Blackfoot River, while their mornings are spent focusing on school and religious study. Watch as Norman and Paul grow up in the great outdoors, rebelling against their father as young boys, and their transformation into adulthood.

Fly Fishing Movies: The Best Films

Courtesy of IMDB

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Amr Waked graces the silver screen as Sheikh Muhammad in the book-turned-movie Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Sheikh Muhammad dreams of bringing the art and sport of fly fishing to the Yemen desert. The Skeikh enlists in the help of Alfred, a fisheries expert played by Ewan McGregor, and Harriet, a financial adviser, to bring a stream of salmon to a seemingly impossible location. After receiving support from the British Prime Minister’s  press secretary due to its possible positive impact on relationships between Britain and the Islamic world, the project is pushed into action. This Golden Globe nominated picture is one of drama, love and humor, and a perfect film for a rainy weekend afternoon.

Low & Clear

Low & Clear is the story of two friends who have lost touch with each other and reunite for one final fly fishing trip. A documentary film, Low & Clear follows J.T. Van Zandt and Alex Hall as they realize that their differing views of fishing are just one way in which they have grown apart.

Fly Fishing Movies: The Best Films

Courtesy of IMDB

Big Fish

Another book-turned-movie, Big Fish is a star-studded film that follows Will Bloom, played by Billy Crudup, as he packs up his life and leaves Paris for his hometown in Alabama with his pregnant wife, played by Marion Cotillard, upon learning that his cancer-stricken father will soon die. His father, Edward, played in current state by Albert Finney, has always been known for his colorful and impossible stories, causing strain between both he and Will and he and his wife. The film is made up of a series of flashbacks portraying a younger Edward, played by Ewan McGregor, as the absentee father to Will and the implications of his colorful stories on his relationship with his son. As Will approaches fatherhood himself, he questions the reality of the “tall-tales” his father told him as a child and begins to gain a new understanding of himself and his past, present and future.


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