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Big Fish Tenkara Clinic in Shawnee, Colorado

The art of Tenkara fishing has exploded in popularity over the past couple years in America, this also correlates with the increased popularity of Czech or Euro Nymphing. These styles have quite a few similarities, namely, their single fly style of rigging which is usually a barbless weighted nymph such a Frenchie or Hares Ear. The difference between the styles are fairly obvious once you become accustomed to each, Euro or Czech styles have reels and abide by competition rules for competitive fly fishing while Tenkara’s do not have reels and are non-competitive. Since this shift in popularity and relatively unknown fly fishing style there have been quite a few clinics popping up but few are as great as the Big Fish Tenkara Clinic in Shawnee hosted by 5280 Angler, Zen Tenkara, and Long Meadows Ranch.  

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The Big Fish Tenkara Clinic is a great experience for all level angler but especially those who have not tried Tenkara style. This clinic runs from 10am MST to 5pm MST on 5/19/18 and is broken down in two sessions, the morning session being a clinic and overview of the gear itself and in the afternoon a guided trip on private water with coaching. The morning session begins at 10am and will run to 2:30pm so make sure you have a large breakfast before showing up. This session is dedicated to learning about the gear, styles in which you can fish the gear, entomology of the bugs used, and casting lessons. Part of the morning clinic will take place on the water as you might as well learn and fish simultaneously! The afternoon session is where things get a bit more exciting with a guide trip and coaching session on Long Meadows Ranch. Before you begin the walk and wade, don’t forget about the grilled lunch that will leave fueled and ready to go for the afternoon! The guide to guest ratio is 2:1 providing a very informative and intimate experience that is sure to boost your confidence. The afternoon session is sure to leave you hooked as you will be chasing trout that average out at about 2lbs with 10lb trophy fish mixed in. 

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Long Meadow Ranch is the water in which you will earn your ear to ear grin on your first or maybe even tenth trip out with a Tenkara, this place is no joke when it comes to big fish! This private trophy stretch is on the North Fork of the South Platte and all of your rod fees are covered by the clinic. Additionally, you will not need to work about line or flies as they are also included in the clinic pricing. You also have the option to bring your own waders and boots as well as borrow some from the clinic itself! Don’t miss your chance to sign up for this amazing event as space is very limited and reasonably priced at $325 plus $50 if a rental rod is needed. 


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