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Best Places to Fish in the Western Hemisphere

What are some of the most notorious fishing spots in the Americas?  Some may be right out your door, some may be thousands of miles away.  Here’s a list of the greatest fishing waters in the Western Hemipshere.

Lago Strobel | Argentina

Lago Strobel, also known as ‘Jurassic Lake’, is located in Argentina.  Word is, Lago Strobel is home to over ten pounds of trout per acre, making it potentially the waters with the largest bounty of trout in the world.  Sight fishing with dry flies is the most popular fishing technique on Lago Strobel, and there’s an even amount of wading and boating around the lake.

Osa Peninsula | Costa Rica

A place that claims more species live there per square foot than anywhere else on the planet is also a very popular fishing spot off the coast of Costa Rica.  Though it’s not your typical rod and reel fishing, take a boat tour under a full moon for your best chance at a catch of a nice snook or tarpon.  Most likely, you’ll catch sight of a shark as well.

Nipigon River | Canada

Get your heart racing by chasing spring brook trout in the Nipigon River near Ontario, Canada.  The Pasha Lake region is on the door step to what is recognized as the most abundant brook trout fishing in the world. Lake Nipigon and its tributaries have created the most pristine habitat when it comes to producing abundant natural, wild brook trout. Nipigon brook trout have access to unlimited food sources, causing them to grow to double or triple their average size that you’ll see at other locations in the world.

Bristol Bay | U.S.A.

Located in the Bering Sea and nestled on the northern side of Alaskan Peninsula is Bristol Bay.  It is almost 180 wide at its mouth and narrows into many of Alaska’s largest rivers. This area was named by Captain James Cook in honor of the Earl of Bristol, England.  Fishing in the bay, you’ll catch some of the largest Sockeye Salmon in the world.  Some small towns are accessible by charter plane or boat, including Dillingham, Naknek, and King Salmon, but despite the amount of salmon these waters are home to, Bristol Bay sees less activity from fisherman than most other areas in Alaska.

Yellowstone River | U.S.A.

Heading back to the lower 48 of the United States, the Yellowstone River is the longest free flowing river in the country and one of North America’s most productive wild trout fisheries. Also known as The Mighty Stone, this river offers more than 200 miles of high quality trout waters that include a variety of fish species. Many avid anglers consider this river to be the quintessential Montana fly fishing experience. The Yellowstone has it all: lots of trout and awesome scenery. Although wade fishing is an option in the park, due to the size of the water, float fishing from rafts and drift boats are ideal.

South Platte River | U.S.A.

The final great fishing spot that makes the list is right out our backdoor in Colorado: The South Platte River.  The Deckers section of the South Platte the river is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and holds nearly 3,000 fish per mile. This stretch of river is very popular for a variety of reasons, one being that fish over 20″ are not an uncommon catch.  The upper few miles of the South Platte are the most popular to fish, however, anglers should take the time to explore while here.  The entire 18 miles from Cheeseman Reservoir to the confluence with the North Fork all hold an incredible amount of fish and typically get much more catchable the further down river you go.

Yellowstone River, Montana

Yellowstone River, Montana courtesy of Montana Angler.

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