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5 Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

When growing up, most kids are taught to spin fish in a little lake near their house.  There are different types of fishing that people enjoy doing: spin fishing, deep sea fishing, ice fishing and fly fishing are a few examples.  Fly Fishing has become quite popular over the years and more people have been willing to give it a try.  Fly Fishing companies offer casting clinics, fly fishing lessons and rental gear for the day.  Take these five tips on getting started in the fly fishing world.

The most important part of fly fishing is getting those bugs out into the water for the fish to eat. There are a few different ways to cast depending where you are located on the river. If there a lot of bushes around you, you are probably going be role casting more than back casting.  While role casting is probably the easiest way to cast, you can definitely get some distance into the river.  Role casting is fairly simple; you are bringing your pole right to about the tip of your head letting the line hanging loosely behind your casting shoulder.  This cast isn’t about speed, as the slow motion helps you maintain control of your cast.  Back casting is best when you are in a wide open field, on a boat or standing in the river casting up stream. Back casting you are going to have the rod be at a “ten and two motion” letting line out as you bring your rod forward to the “ten motion”.  This casting motion is going to get you the length that you are looking for.

Knowing how to properly set the hook insures the fish will stay on until they are in your net. Depending on what you are using as bait, you are going to see a fish come up and grab your dry fly, see your indicator go under the water, or feel a big tug when using a streamer.  Each is a little different but all have the same concept.  Depending on how the fish are swimming, you are going to set the hook towards their tail to make sure it is hooked in their mouth by raising your rod up high and stripping your line to bring that fish to the net.

Don’t forget to stop at the local fly fishing shop to check out the assortment of bugs they have. Different hatches run throughout the summer and into winter.  The best way to know which bugs to use is one you get to your fishing spot, pick up a rock from under the water, take a handful of sand and look at the little bugs that live in the area.  Match your bait to those bugs and the fish won’t sense something suspicious.  At first, learning the bugs is hard but the majority of fly shop employees are willing to help you learn.

Gear is an essential part of your fly fish outing.  Here in the mountains, the river water stays a cool temperature all year round – never reaching more than 50 degrees.  Waders are a must to keep your legs from becoming numb.  Redington and Patagonia have some of the best women and men’s designed waders that are breathable, fit your hips well and are good for hiking through tall brush.  Wading boots come in different soled bottoms.  Rubber bottom boots are going to be the best if you are traveling from state to state to go fishing.  With felt bottom boots, little bugs can get trapped in the felt and travel with you from state to state.  This can become hazardous to the environment in the river you are fishing next.

Fish are early risers, so timing is of the essence.  Getting out on the river right at the crack of dawn is going to be the best time to go fishing and catch monster fish.  Throughout the day, fish don’t like to bake in the sun.  You can find them under a nice shaded tree or hiding in a deep hole come high noon.  Right when the sun falls behind the mountains, the fish start rising to get those little bugs that are hanging on surface of the water.  Night fishing is another great way to get a big catch.  Using a spot light first to sight out the fish and then casting above them while dimming your light or getting a glow in the dark indicator is going to be the best way to fish at night.

Take these five tips to help you be on your way to becoming a great fisherman.  If you want a little more guidance, book a fly fishing trip with us and get out on the river!


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