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Top 5 Flies for Winter

Winter in Colorado is full of some great outdoor activities. One sport, however, tends to get overlooked. Even though the air is chilly and the trout are sluggish, winter can still be a great time to go fly fishing. The fishing can definitely be more challenging, but you will gain solitude that you can never achieve on those summer afternoons when the stream is packed with other fishermen. If you can catch fish in winter you can catch fish anytime of the year. With the cold temperatures very few insects are hatching and it is important to know what flies for winter to use to give yourself the best chance to catch that monster trout. Here is a list of the top 5 flies for winter months!

Flies for Winter

  1. Egg Pattern (Sizes 10-14)

    Even though this fly looks fairly boring it tends to yield results.  This pattern represents a food source that will not try to escape from the trout, making it an easy target for sluggish fish that do not want to expel a lot of energy due to the cold water and their already slow metabolism.

  2. San Juan Worm (Sizes 10-14)

    This is my personal go to for winter fly fishing.  It’s a very unoriginal fly but it will catch fish when nothing else is working.  Pink and red colors seem to work the best in the cold winter months.  This also works well with another small fly attached further down the line to attract fish.

  3. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Jujubaetis (Sizes 18-20)

    A little flashier than most winter flies, this guy definitely catches fish.  Created by a tier Charlie Craven right in Denver this fly is definitely worth a try for those stubborn trout.

  4. Jujumidge (Sizes 18-22)

    Most winter fishing involves different midge patterns.  The jujumidge works particularly well on streams that get fished hard during the summer months.  These trout are smart and it takes a special type of angler to trick and land them.  If you see trout in shallow riffles in the middle of winter be sure to tie this fly on the end of the line.

  5. Rainbow Warrior (Sizes 18-22)

    This is about as loud and flashy as I’m willing to get as far as flies for winter. On days when the water gets crowded (yes, this can happen on warm winter days), this is a fly that will stand out from what others are casting and hopefully catch a trout’s eye.

Now that you have an idea of the best flies for winter fly fishing, it’s time to get out on the water. If you’re looking for more fly fishing tips or want to book that fly fishing trip be sure to give us a call! Cheers!


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