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Fly Fishing Library: Books All Fishermen Should Read

While there are a lot of informational fly fishing books, there are also fantastic fiction and non-fiction novels with incredible stories and life lessons. Take a peak into our fly fishing library at some of the books all fishermen should read. Most are mystery stories but others are coming of age stories or family related stories. Some of these have made the big screen and others have done really well as a novel or short story.

A River Runs Through It – By Norman Maclean

A coming of age story about the son of a minister in Montana. He sets out on his own in a cabin to learn about the philosophy surrounding fly fishing but ends up learning about life in death.

A River Why – David James Duncan

Story of a fishing family whose son goes on a journey of self discovery. A bait fishing mom and a fly fishing dad, a dead fisherman, and a young fisherwoman make for a great mystery story.

The Nail Know – John Galligan

Fly fisherman Ned “Dog” Oglivie wants to leave human society and fish until he can’t fish anymore. Traveling across America in his RV, he finally gets to fish but ends up catching a dead body instead and all the drama that comes along with it.

Riverwatch: A Fly Fishing Mystery – Ronald Weber

A murder mystery of a fly fisherman found murdered in his tent and the cop being made to solve the mystery in a State Park. The story takes place in Michigan in a small town where people aren’t talking, but their deadly secrets can be heard by all.

Life on The Fly – John Schreiber

Teacher and football star gets shot in the back while fly fishing and leaves behind a whole family, including a wife and 2 kids. His best friend travels back to their hometown to solve the murder and face his past.

From stories that have made it to the big screen down to short stories, each are very interesting, informative and even a mystery here and there. Most are mystery stories that involve the murder or disappearance of a fisherman but others are about the philosophy of life and fly fishing. It’s all up to you to figure out which is the best!


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