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Common Fly Fishing Mistakes

fly fishing mistakes

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How To Succeed in Fly Fishing

Now that the bulk of the summer is behind us and the air and water temperatures are beginning to drop off the, fishing around the state is about to explode. Colorado has had unusually dry and warm summer here in the mountains. Fishing has represented this trend with lower oxygen levels, leaving fish in faster flowing cooler water where there are higher oxygen levels. Although the fishing has been non-typical there is still an amazing bite on larger and faster flowing rivers. As of late the trout have been lining pockets of deeper cooler water with impressive quantity. Here are a couple tips and tricks for improving your chances of hooking up and avoiding common fly fishing mistakes while out on the water this year.

Things to Remember

For your first time fly fishing the conditions will not drastically change your learning curve or the methods and techniques used hook up your first couple fish. The basics will still be the most important part of the learning experience. The three things that you will really want to focus on for your first couple trips will be your up river mend, watching your back cast while loading your line andfly fishing mistakes fishing with confidence. Your upriver mend is the process of keeping your line directly above your fly as it floats down river. The next most important process will be your back cast, your back cast will dictate how your fly line land on the water, a poor back cast will cause the line to ball up obscuring your chances of catching a fish as the fly will be draped with line.

The last but probably most important thing to remember while fly fishing will be to fish with confidence! Don’t second guess every cast you make, if you know where the fish are but cannot seem to hook one don’t give up change your set up and drift a couple more times. It’s not the best fisherman on the water who catches the most but the most diligent fishermen. Have a great rest of the summer and keep those lines tight!


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